The author flow Lian purple: zhen xu ā n zhen huan this is a beautiful mistake

released yesterday morning post published “speaking like a book” & other; In 2012 the top ten Chinese errors & throughout; , speak like a book editor Hao Mingjian pointed out that “the biography of Zhen Huan & other 嬛 & throughout; Words should be read & other; Xu ā n” Rather than & other; Huá N” . The news immediately trigger netizens, the author flow Lian Zhen Huan white purple agent advantage, said yesterday that flow Lian purple when he wrote “the biography of Zhen Huan, initially set & other; 嬛 & throughout; Take & other; Xu ā n” Sound, but when made into a TV series chose & other; Huá N” The sound. And the author flow Lian Zhen Huan white purple yesterday on weibo response to be a words of pronunciation: & other; Zhen xuan (xu ā n) become zhen huan (huá N), which is a beautiful mistake. Throughout the &;

morning paper reporter yesterday & other; 嬛 & throughout; Pronunciation problems consult the compiled “Chinese big dictionary” director Li Mengsheng, he told the morning paper reporter said, for ordinary people to & other; 嬛 & throughout; Word read & other; Xu ā n” Or & other; Huá N” , not demanding.

the audience used to read & other; Huá N”

in the morning before the report, “speaking like a book editor Hao Mingjian introduction, in the” Chinese big dictionary “and other 嬛 & throughout; There are three words pronunciation, respectively is & other; Huá N” , & other Xu ā n” And & other Qing” . Hao Mingjian said, according to the TV series “the biography of enrollment 嬛 zhen 嬛 appearances to draft the plot of the play, & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; The & other; 嬛 & throughout; From the southern song dynasty ci Cai Shen in “changjiang” & other; 嬛 嬛 throughout a umber of chu palace waist &; . In the words of & other; 嬛 嬛 & throughout; Describe women’s graceful and charming appearance, & other; 嬛 & throughout; Read & other; Xu ā n” . After his opinion caused so much controversy, Hao Mingjian yesterday morning paper reporter said, he still insisted on enrollment 嬛 & other 嬛 & throughout; Read & other; Xu ā n” : & other; & lsquo; 嬛 & rsquo; Do women’s names, read & lsquo; Huá N’ There is nothing wrong. But set the draft in the TV play that part, if there is no this episode, literally how to pronounce this word. Throughout the &;

the compiled “Chinese big dictionary” director Li Mengsheng of Zhen Huan & other; 嬛 & throughout; Each character’s point of view with same Hao Mingjian, he told the morning paper reporter said, & other; If in strict accordance with the dialect pronunciation, according to the plot of the TV series, & lsquo; 嬛 & rsquo; Should be read & lsquo; Xu ā n’ . Throughout the &;

for this controversy, yesterday, “zhen 嬛 biography writer, screenwriter flow Lian purple agent mountain breeze through the media, said flow Lian purple write” zhen 嬛 biography, initially set & other; 嬛 & throughout; Take & other; Xu ā n” Sound, she also explained in detail in the book & other 嬛 & throughout; Why the word. But when made into a TV series, cast and considering more acceptable for the audience, in spreading the audience when no rusty & ndash; & ndash; When most people see & other; 嬛 & throughout; When word used to read & other; Huá N” , so chose & other; Huá N” The sound.

not demanding ordinary people read for dialect

reporter discovery, “” Chinese big dictionary” and “dictionary” on & other; 嬛 & throughout; The different pronunciation explanation is consistent, but and “modern Chinese dictionary”, “the xinhua dictionary has changed. In the sixth edition of “modern Chinese dictionary” page 566 & other 嬛 & throughout; Note, there is only one pronunciation huá N, only & other; Danger 嬛 & throughout; A usage. The 11th edition of the xinhua dictionary, “page 200 & other; 嬛 & throughout; Note with the explanation of “modern Chinese dictionary”. Kangxi dictionary for & other; 嬛 & throughout; Pronunciation and explanation to “Chinese big dictionary”. In the 2007 edition of the journal Chinese big dictionary in reduced on page 2322, & other; 嬛 & throughout; Word mark & other; Huá N” , & other Xu ā n” And & other Qing” Three kinds of pronunciation and explanation, and describe the woman & other; Wan, light and beauty & throughout; When read & other; Xu ā n” , read & other; Huá N” Only when a situation in which the & other; Danger 嬛 & throughout; Of the collection, refers to the mythology that sent the place.

for different dictionaries on & other 嬛 & throughout; Each character of different interpretations, Li Mengsheng explained to morning paper reporter, & other; This is because the “modern Chinese dictionary”, “xinhua dictionary,” is our current daily use of reference books, is a popular dictionary, usage, they are less likely to accept the old saying in dialect and the “Chinese big dictionary” and “the kangxi dictionary is more emphasize on the ancient Chinese, and so will cause the discrepancy. Throughout the &; Different dictionaries on & other; 嬛 & throughout; Pronunciation of different interpretations, but also show that modern people how to face the old saying in dialect? Li Mengsheng said, & other; For ordinary people, even the ordinary university teacher, even if misread & lsquo; 嬛 & rsquo; Or in other words, also don’t have to be demanding, after all, the ancient Chinese pronunciation is too complex, can’t get ordinary people to know in detail. Even read these in dialect is wrong, as long as the person know what you’re saying, also just as well. Throughout the &; Associate professor of Shanghai university Chinese department professor Zhu Yuanqing of morning paper reporter said, for the pronunciation of names, generally you can read what the family to read, & other; But words such as Chen yinque, someone read que, someone read ke. For this kind of phenomenon, we do not demanding. Throughout the &;