The Baltic was revealed a UFO distance within 200 meters of electronic device failure (FIG.)

discovered the Baltic sea & other; UFO shaped object & throughout; (page screenshots)

international online features: according to the UK on June 26, the daily mail reported, specifically exploring oceanic anomaly & other The sea X” (Ocean X) tissue found in the Baltic sea a & other; UFO shape & throughout; Objects, when the distance into the mysterious object within 200 metres of the diver’s phones and video cameras and other electronic equipment failure.

& other; The sea X” Organize professional divers Stephen & middot; Hogwarts byrne (Stefan Hogerborn), said some cameras and satellite phone close to the object will stop working, and will restore after away from. Divers Dennis & middot; Ellsberg (Dennis? Sberg) said: & other; I am one hundred percent sure that we have found something very special. It might be a meteorite, asteroids, volcanoes, the submarine base during the cold war, or a UFO. Throughout the &;

divers from photographs, according to this & other; UFO shape & throughout; Object surrounded by soot of rocks, an egg-shaped hole located in the center, like Star Wars in one thousand falcon warships. A vessel in the Baltic sea is seen as a hunter’s treasure, there is about 100000 items at the bottom of the sea. IfengLogo (jin-liang li)