The beauty the sable cicada life end is a mystery Or been locked when cao cao “sex slaves”

beauty sable cicada life end a mystery or been locked when cao cao & other; Sexual slavery throughout the &;

sable cicada (figure)

says the three countries, and we must mention the sable cicada of China’s four big beauty. As is known to all, in The Three Kingdoms & other; Lyu3 bu4 play throughout the sable cicada &; Is a very wonderful. Lyu3 bu4 failed, about the whereabouts of the beauty the sable cicada is also a topic of concern, the final result is really about? The sable cicada actually love to where? This article use when & other; Sexual slavery throughout the &; Words, although an exaggeration, but really have been shut the bronze said Monday.

the sable cicada is one of the most important of the romance of three kingdoms female image, its good singing and dancing, color the ci-poetry manner, although no more edge, but with their own beauty s governors supremacy of war, in and out among governors. The author of the romance of three kingdoms guan separately in the two poems to praise the sable cicada singing and dancing double, a word of praise yue: & other; Originally zhaoyang palace, jing hong flowing in my body, only suspected the dongting spring. According to butcher okrug LianBu stability, good wind umber a new, HuaTang sweet warm spring. Throughout the &; And poems said: & other; Red in tooth jiggled swallow of shoot, busy, a piece of cloud to HuaTang. Diane eyebrow to part the hate, features and early intestinal fallen. YuQian not buy daughter laugh, willow with why treasure makeup. Watched dance every shade “steal, do not know who was (the king. Throughout the &; In the face of the sable cicada beauty, dong zhuo also are appreciative. , of course, the sable cicada beauty has been need not say more, she, known as the four most beautiful women in & other; Close your month & throughout; , meaning the light of the moon is not as good as her beauty, but from the perspective of the deeds of the sable cicada, she is to understand the important principle thoroughly, witty, it is one of the most glorious historical characters.

as one of the most famous woman in the history of three kingdoms, the sable cicada’s deeds are few and far between in history. Mr Written on the novel’s news chao, “said & other; There is a lost of han shu tongzh, records: cao cao is not success, dong zhuo, first into the sable cicada to perplex the gentleman. Throughout the &; So, cao cao was the sable cicada to dong zhuo, but according to cao cao, and later he dong zhuo to behavior, this argument is not credible.

however, now the material of relatively popular a kind of view is that history is not actually the sable cicada, the sable cicada image is the posterity fiction completely, and it has been three national history and the research of the romance of three kingdoms the consensus of most scholars. Because in the “center,” were “the history of the word did not mention the sable cicada, only a word and a sable cicada shadow, namely & other; Cloth and zhuo lady ‘s-maid liaisons, could find, the heart not from Ann & throughout; . In the reflection & middot; wei book & middot; lyu3 bu4 kindle ZangHongChuan “doesn’t even have a name, in full just called & other; Zhuo lady ‘s-maid & throughout; . No replacement looks, wealth, the information such as origin, is not what break relationship with lyu3 bu4, dong zhuo.

& other; Changan mutiny & throughout; After the whereabouts of the pretty woman has also become a mystery, unpredictable, more people are still concerned about the destiny of the sable cicada behind. But unfortunately, the author luo guanzhong is not the end of her hurry. Just back to the 19 & other; Cao cao bloody battle Pi city, under the white gate tower lyu3 bu4 killed & throughout; Before, lyu3 bu4 will perish, the sable cicada a brief appearance, exhort lyu3 bu4 & other; The general and my background, not intellectual man fit out & throughout; . Lyu3 bu4 abandoned palace coup, Chen is tackled. Originally the understand the important principle thoroughly, the sable cicada XiaGanYiDan seem as grinding for years has been to the original edges, become useless and be immersed in love. After the death of lu bu luo guanzhong to introduce readers to the sable cicada since then go again, maybe it was lewd of cao cao rib, may be like lu bu be put to death. Luo guanzhong this omission has become one that others don’t understand the eternal mystery.

in the folk, exist about the whereabouts of the beauty the sable cicada & other; Dead & throughout; And & other To end well & throughout; Two big series.

& other; Dead & throughout; Series there are three different versions, the first version is kunqu opera “to cut the mink” lyu3 bu4 described in white gate tower were beheaded by cao cao, his wife the sable cicada was transferred to the guan yu, but guan yu refused to accept the woman with a stain, a fear of its easy virtue, chop and change, only death can save his honor, and summoned by night: and the sable cicada, drew his pain beauty in the light. The second version from Ming drama “the duke guan and sable cicada”, the sable cicada to guan yu pain v. heart grievances, and tells the story of his cast honey trap in detail for han eliminate traitors, won the love and admire guan yu. But guan yu finally decided to revive han and dedication, the sable cicada also had to commit suicide with much tenderness, to die to prove their political virginity. Third version is sable cicada ran away in the shadow of guan yu, already set, but Cao Caopa people chase. In order not to make such as guan yu people difficult do, the sable cicada resolutely sword died, a wisp of bitterness of soul, as the country’s sense of honor.

& other; To end well & throughout; The series also has three versions. The first version is the sable cicada eventually become a, and the anonymous way to write down the drama “kam YunTang dark set series of stratagems”, this shows that their political contributions to the world, finally died in the nunnery. The second version is said that guan yu no lust womanizing, but rather to escort the sable cicada back to their home village of agaric. The sable cicada is always a feast did not marry, has finally been fellow villager build temple festivals. The third version called the sable cicada was GuanYuNa concubines, settled and sent to chengdu, but guan yu have no thought of his last defeat was died, and poor sable cicada was living in sichuan, became a village.

all in all, about & other; The sable cicada & throughout; Person, in the official records is very vague, almost imperceptible fineness is only a shadow. Its whereabouts, has been difficult to textual research. But we can according to the reasonable to infer: dong zhuo’s death, the sable cicada fall into the hand of lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 destruction, after she went to cao cao’s hands. Although none of historical records, but it is also logical. As for her at the end of the end, because no record of history, is a riddle. We can also do a reasonable inference, there are two possibilities: either one possible, is in cao cao house live the rest of my life. 12 years later, lyu3 bu4 destruction is take fifteen years (210 years), cao cao in yecheng to build the bronze, all the ci-poetry on it, xi in song and dance, perhaps & other; The sable cicada & throughout; Should be also included. Another possibility is in the brutal war environment, the sable cicada as an embedded weak woman, lives are in danger anytime, anywhere, I do not know when will have death incense.

this article from the caption of The Three Kingdoms “in one hundred, ZhuGeWenZhu, huangshan publishing house published