The bus earlier shocked by the new Delhi into a “rape”

18, Indian women took to the streets calling for to ensure the safety of women.

18, Indian women took to the streets calling for the protection of women safe.

the global times special correspondent in India by zhang laughed bamboo 18, Indian newspapers headline on the front page all the latest violence in the capital new Delhi weekend gang rape case. A female college students in & other; Black bus & throughout; On gang-raped, it shocked India, public opinion on the case expressed great indignation, from all walks of life and the media are also frequent reflection why Indian metropolis of rape.

18, according to Indian media reported that the crime of 16 at 9 PM, in a new Delhi hospital internship a 23-year-old female college students in boyfriend accompanied by bus to go home after watching the movie. They were on a trick & other; Black bus & throughout; , including the driver, at that time, there are seven men, they then began to tease girls, two young men fight, the boy was beaten after being held in the cab, the girl was beaten and gang-raped, girl once in a coma, but cruel criminals did not stop. After 40 minutes, the criminals in another remote area will flee after dropping two victims stripped naked. The victim and immediately report to the police. At present, the girls on breathing machine to maintain the hospital intensive care unit, still not out of danger. Police said, at present, including car drivers, four criminals have been arrested, there are three people at large.

the Hindustan Times, The Times of India, and other mainstream media rare with 3 pages detailing the case, and in India, especially in the capital new Delhi in recent years, the situation of frequent rape comprehensive report. New Delhi female chief minister sheila & middot; Dixit also out in the face of the case put forward criticism, she said the vehicle has been involved in the suspension of vehicle license, cancel the operation qualification; New Delhi, women’s and children’s development for the case also reflects the lack of capital, public transport capacity and lack of bus control, the government should give all bus internal installation of cameras. Network BBS, many netizens suggested that deal with ordinary criminals sentenced to death to anger, and play a warning role.

is not the case. 18 day reported the occurrence of a rape case in new Delhi has three, according to India’s national crime statistics, from 1971 to 1971, India grew by 873%, rape, new Delhi has so far in 2012 rape in 635, compared to 572 and the year before last year’s 507, showed a trend of rising year by year. India’s other big cities such as mumbai, kolkata and rape of frequent & other; Worst-hit areas throughout the &; . Look from the country, India, on average, every three minutes in a violent crime against women, every 22 minutes in rape. The capital new Delhi with high ratings were dubbed & other; Rape capital & throughout; The shame of the title. New Delhi’s women complained that in the cosmopolitan city of any time, anywhere, no security.

in Rome is not build in one day, the Indian metropolis frequent high rates of rape cases, has its legal, economic and social aspects of suitable & other; Throughout the soil &; . First of all, India striking power of rape crime. India’s law is the legal system of British colonial, many ancient laws are still in play a role. Such as used to detect and judge of the rape case evidence law in India and the Indian penal code in 1872 and the 1860 law. On the one hand, the trial time is long, the law of bias in favor of the criminal suspect forensics and cross-examination clause that rape crime judgment take very long. Sentencing, on the other hand, light: many Indian rape in five or six years later, the cracking was sentenced to 2 & ndash; For three years. But in the meantime, the work and life of victims and their families are affected by greatly, such as the victim is unmarried women most affect the marriage. So, many of the victims but choose to settle even toed the line.

second, India’s urbanization also objectively have. In recent years, with the development of the Indian economy, many migrant workers into cities. A considerable number of them is left home industry, bachelor of outside alone. Most of them are engaged in simple physical labor, income is low, often become the potential threat from sexual violence crime.

in addition, India’s tolerance of rapist social environment is also an important factor. According to statistics, India has 70% of rape occurred between acquaintances, such as relatives, friends and neighbors. To this kind of event, people habitually to bully, for women’s moral consciousness, such as dressing up fault-finding. Even if the rapist was sentenced to time served, after prison will not bear too much social and economic pressures, it is easy to find a job again. Than the victims suffer losses, the criminals get much lighter punishment is obvious.

India from all walks of life, is also looking for a good way to reduce the rape, some of them people felt more yarns. Someone suggested, for example, to effectively reduce the rape, the reduced to 16 years old girl legal age for marriage. This incredibly still get some Indian officials. Recently appeared another way, say Chinese chow mein is India’s rape increased factors, on the grounds that chow mein that fast food is easy to cause the hormone imbalance, cause many rape case. The Indian media said tartly comment, the rape of a noodles don’t absurd?