The Chinese Dragon and foreign Dragon meaning respectively big Dragon is regarded as the devil

China with foreign dragons

& other; Dragon & throughout; Although the general translation in the English language for & other; Dragon” , but the dragon in western culture and Chinese traditional dragon besides there are some similar image, background and symbolism are very large, respectively.

Dragon is regarded as the symbol of evil, in the Christian overtones of malice, fierce, and benevolent Dragon in the east is totally different.

Dragon on the image and the Chinese Dragon is somewhat similar, it has a strong body, long, thick neck, with horns or ruffles on the head, sharp teeth, and a long tail. It walks with four powerful feet, with a pair of huge wings to fly, like a bat wings it whole body covered with scales, protect the body.

Dragon cave in, be fond of treasure, usually the hole will collect a lot of treasure. It can make a belch, fire red, blue dragon to electricity.

Dragon have strong concept of territory, mostly to act alone, and sleeping all the year round.

when translate the Chinese dragon is dragon, like to the saint and the murderer of the same name, but the two are not related. A westerners do not understand the Chinese culture, see the behavior of the worship of the Chinese dragon, may create a negative impression of Chinese people believe in the evil things. In order to avoid this confusion, some scholars put forward the & other; Dragon & throughout; Instead of the English translation of pronunciation and Chinese close & other; Loong” , but it has not been widely recognized.