“The countries signed the” missing puzzle: inheritance eventually disappear after 1500

in this paper, from the historical password, why to have jian-hua sun, Chinese workers press

& other; Seal & throughout; Junior general before the qin dynasty, official and private printing all can say & other; Seal & throughout; . Han basis “arbitrary” cloud: & other; Seal, seal also; Printing, letter also. Throughout the &; To, qin shi huang ordered the imperial seal engraved, claimed that only the emperor seals to seal, can be said as a symbol of the mandate of heaven. Monopoly to jade, as every emperor of bullae, so called & other; Spread throughout the decree &; , also called & other; The great seal & throughout; . & other; Spread throughout the decree &; , four inches in diameter, the New York stock exchange on wulong, books and other positive engraved with Reese; To day, both ShouYongChang & throughout; Eight integrate as & other; Granted, the orthodox legal imperial power & throughout; The token. After the death of emperor qin shi huang emperors should be to have this seal for the operator, if rare, as the jack. Get the topaz is the symbol of its & other; To day & throughout; , losing the performance of the seal & other Is up to the best of & throughout; . Such as the emperor’s big without the seal, was referring contemptuously to & other; The white emperor & throughout; For contempt, trailing off. It more later the emperor of the scramble for this pass the decree, causing the treasure frequently change their Lord. However, it is spread more than 1000 years, has mysteriously disappeared. For thousands of years, about the legend of it also is full of mysterious color.

& other; Spread throughout the decree &; Material in & other; And surname choi & throughout; . Spring and autumn period, chu people “bian and get a piece of jade in the mountains, to the king. The king let YuGong identification, YuGong identified as stone, the king by deceiving you sin “bian and broken left foot. Later featuring acceded to the throne, “bian and jade, but still by deceiving you sin again broken right foot. Acceded to the throne in 690 BC, the king of the text, “bian and jade and wept bitterly. Wen Wangpa people asked him, he said: & other; I not sad off also, grief, baoyu and topic of stone, their virginity and name with Kuang. Throughout the &; Wen Wang Rangren the brand to cut open, indeed as expected is the treasure jade, choi, called and said. ChuWei king, xiangguo zhaoyang destroyed more active, the king will choi, and reward for him. But soon zhaoyang will lose it, someone is suspected stolen his master yi cheung, detention yi cheung trial. Yi cheung, from chu wei, later in the state of qin, after being worshipped as qin phase.

when the warring states period, the king of Zhao Huiwen from eunuch tassel xian and choi, Qin Zhaowang learned that, after going to take, then Lin xiangru’s argued, will and choi, & other; Return & throughout; . Qin wang nineteen years (228 BC), qin ying zheng zhao, and choi. Unify the whole country, ying zheng said the emperor. Life Reese seal character & other; To day, both ShouYongChang & throughout; Horoscope, xianyang YuGong Sun Shou choi, and smooth, carve seal, known as the great seal. Qin wang 28 years (219 BC), qin shi huang through the dongting lake, the wind and waves suddenly at this moment, the dragon boat will, then the emperor would seal was thrown into the lake, praying to god storm, the great seal is missing for the first time. Level tone and eight years later, China shu way someone will pass with the great seal on. From then on, spread the decree as a leopard cannot master every more than ten times, to the best of taste bumpy internally.