The crow reputation is wrong? In ancient times was a lucky bird, bono

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in the birds that are closely associated with the human, the crow’s reputation is very bad. It is big for the ravens wronged, in fact, the crow is a lucky bird.

water active, tree root. The crow’s reputation is a root cause. First of all, its image indecent, singing is not beautiful. Crow perfect muddy black, it doesn’t have a magpie beautiful, than the sparrow sharp, not swallow lively, clever, as was the cuckoo more no songbirds beautiful voice, it makes up a scratchy, harsh, people will frown a listen to. Second, the ancient myths & other; Damaged & throughout; Its image. Said one of the myths of ancient Greece, the sun god Apollo and Ruth fell in love, was appointed as the holy bird crow to watch Ruth’s integrity. One day, the crow saw Ruth contacts with other men, thought it misbehavior, report back to the Apollo, Apollo in a rage shoots Ruth. Later proved Ruth did not an illicit love affair with other men, then, Apollo and angry at the crow, the back of the crow deception. Once again, China’s ancient wu said in the book, the crow often represents death, fear, and bad luck, even it sounds are seen as ominous. Twang-ching-shih in tang dynasty in the “Monsieur beaucaire Yang miscellaneous him he said, & other; Wu song has no good sound on the ground. Throughout the &; And superstitious people believe these legends unexpectedly. So, have a mob, crow mouth, the crows in black, etc, most people’s attitude to the crow is hate, resentment, and even contempt.

in fact, there are more books that the crow is lucky bird, bono. As early as the shang dynasty, & other; The crow annunciation, beginning of lai junchen & throughout; The history of the legend; Han dong in the sections about chun-qiu theory & middot; similar phase moving in the lead “history biography” : & other; Weeks will hing, there are big red bird bit valley of god and set wangwu, wu wang, ZhuDaFu are pleased. Throughout the &; Here & other; The big red bird & throughout; Refers to the crow. Similar claims in zuozhuan “huai south son” shiji, etc is also recorded in the joseon dynasty. Tang dynasty poet an the black night crow led yue: & other; Qin black crow 7 nights to changan LiRen home. LiRen against prisoners in prison, the house sold to redeem himself. Young woman up to crow black night, knowing is butler have our books. Bed happy not heavy mei, unknown hand, aunts and. Young crow wu, ye not empty. Borrow RuTing tree as high nest, year after year not to hurt the young. Throughout the &; Visible, the crow good has been the fact that the people recognized at the time. And northeast of the native American ancestors is not only the crow as bono, put it as a patron saint. There circulated a & other; The crow savior & throughout; : the story of that year, nuerhachi with the Ming army war for the battle, hence rate remains of exit calm fort along the Great Wall, the path around into a dark forest. Ming army chased, nuerhachi heart mentioned her throat. When the Ming army of the qing dynasty was going into the woods to see, the woods suddenly & other; Leng & throughout; To fly up a crowd of crows. Ming army generals at said: & other; The crow in the tree, the forest must be no one! Throughout the &; Ming army evacuated. After more than 20 years, the qing sai-jo to commemorate MAO nuerhachi out of the forest, are found & other; Black forest & throughout; , and in shunzhi eight years (in 1651) in this & other; Ginnie & throughout; Built a magnificent temple, kiss give plaques & other; Temporal temple & throughout; . In order to commemorate the crow for saving his life, temples in major festivals and temple fairs, in addition to murder to god, especially with minced offal with broken rice, with feeding & other God’s & throughout; . In addition, hubei wudang Taoism will crow as & other; The birds & throughout; , thus formed the unique customs and traditions. In the past, anyone on mount wudang pilgrimage, should with millet or corn visited on rock Shinto, side to climb the cliff, the food and affectionately call & other; The crow crow, quick to pick up food! Throughout the &; So, hordes of crows will answer to zhang wing sing, and from the air and food, people think it is auspicious trillion of pilgrimage. This is one of the eight sights wudang mountain famous animals & other; The crow pick up food & throughout; . Also in this area from which the name & other; The crow ridge & throughout; , hill was built in the north the crow temple, the temple incense continuously throughout the year.

& other; The crow feedback & throughout; The known allusion, and illustrates the crow, or the most know filial piety the parents CiXiao bird birds. “Compendium of materia medica & middot; poultry & middot; kind bird said: & other; The bird born, the mother feed sixty days, 60 days long, feedback, indeed a CiXiao. Throughout the &; Many in the Confucian classics, can see crows & other; Feedback CiQin & throughout; Record, which means, the crow is a typical of filial piety. When their parents are old, sick and unable to forage, small crow so it went around looking for food for the parents, and will make the food is delicious, let parents enjoy family happiness. In shi biao “written by” said & other; I forty four this year, my grandmother liu, this year ninety has six, is I do day long in the day of your majesty, Liu Zhiri short also. Bird affair, let beggars will raise. Throughout the &; In shi biao’s view, he will like the crow feedback filial piety, the fight is much more important than dynasty. It is one of the & other; Mount Kilimanjaro bird affair, is willing to eventually raise & throughout; Make it well known to everybody in the name of the article. In the kind black night cries “, the writer bai juyi not only praise the crow touching filial piety, also criticized the wuqi & other; The heart is better than birds & throughout; As a. In his view, the crow is & other; In the bird who has & throughout; .

& other; The crow drink water & throughout; Almost well-known fairy tales, which from a side that it is wise. Animal behavior expert at McGill university in Montreal, lewis & middot; Lai fe “, the study found that the crow is beyond human animals with first-class IQ, for its comprehensive intelligence level and domestic dogs. Special amazingly, crow unexpectedly is unique, the ability to use tools to achieve the purpose. A crossroads near a college in Japan, there are often flocks of crows in coming. After observing, animal researchers in Japan was amazed to find, when red light, a crow flew to the ground, quickly put walnuts in the park under the tires of the car on the road. Wait until the traffic lights turn green, the car to start the crushed the walnut, the crows to fly to the ground again. Many researchers concluded that the crow is very innovative, can even & other; Making tools & throughout; To complete the various tasks. So, don’t think parrots are the most intelligent birds can talk.

for people’s misunderstanding to the crow, Mr Disapproval. He wrote in the vernacular poems “Donald Duck: & other; I early in the morning/stand in somebody else’s on the corner of 7 crow/family (I said I’m unlucky/I can’t wind tight mumbling to please the somebody else glad/day, there is no branch habitat/I fly to fly back to all day long, all day long in the cold and hunger/I can’t with a sheath, weng WengYang epicenter for somebody else to fly/can’t call somebody else is in the bamboo pole head, make a millet. Throughout the &; In hu shi’s view, the crow although & other; No branch can live & throughout; , & other; Throughout all day was cold and hungry &; , but still do not stop flying. It will focus on human, relentlessly exposed and criticized those who cannot tolerate as and ugly phenomenon. The crow is the freedom of loneliness and brave fighter & ndash; & ndash; See all human uneven, insight into the world of mortals nasty people. Mr. Hu’s poetry, is ode to the crow, but also for the crow.