“The drunken beauty” has been included in dajing “permanent ban Yin repertory list”

Yang and tang clear huang’s appointment to the baihua pavilion drinking, her sweet soup bath, gold makeup jade wrapped, including shi, under the help of came to baihua pavilion hou driving, only to be told: the emperor went elsewhere. Jade bracelet can’t afford to injury, he took things too hard, & other; A life like a dream, and the joyful drink a few cup & throughout; . One drink, you feel boring, almost drunken appearance & ndash; & ndash; Don’t know how the opera “the drunken beauty” has become the representative work of a Beijing Opera? It is very impressive. Mr Huang Chang once said, that year Yu Lianquan (xiao yu cui flower) play the play, is a wave. Waves, that is, to increase the quality. The mei lanfang here to remove the & other; in the play Three common & throughout; , became more elegant.

real hard life, responsibility is too heavy. Mei lanfang’s performance, even as a classic, also didn’t see how good-looking. That may be associated with my opera preferences: I like watching the generous intense and painful heroic drama, don’t look at such a teary ending of the play. In fact, now see, mei lanfang’s version of “the drunken beauty” also didn’t see how much elegant & ndash; & ndash; A young woman’s jealousy anguish of heart and the longing for love, can be cultured to where go to!

no twists and turns, and there was no change of emotional ups and downs, is next to her two servants inside the prison ba-jie, encourage marlik peiris’s worth thinking about: a person is not to be loved? Only the people around to see the most true. A person want to maintain their own image, the most important is to maintain the image in front of the people around. Otherwise, the outside people fear again, you see a side of me, even the most humble of him heart is empty.

“the drunken beauty” used to be a play of the banned, crime: the harlot. Is clear on manage to originate in the repertory forever banned her form. It is said that the play is the initial performance was, indeed, by the mummer singing and dancing on the stage, the mummer to curry favor with the audience, not out of line, give the records a lot do not conform to the movement and the expression of their identity. The audience is realized for Yang to peep. It is said that the play is the capital of four xi class Wu Hongxi ChuangYan, his performance was described as a word: demon. Visible initially ChuangYan this scene, is running a play the harlot to. Later, there was a man named double happiness playactor than four xi played well, he is good at other people, thus invented many figure. In 1914, the qing dynasty of the ban, mei lanfang FuPai this scene, is likely to absorb a lot of the performance of double happiness. He may not be seen, but must listen to the old worker said of the music. Actor now basically, fixed mind this play, some in Beijing Opera children also play the play of the game, not good-looking, because can’t play well.