The Eiffel Tower, appraisal 433.2 billion euros Equivalent to 1/5 of GDP in France


the Eiffel Tower worth? This is a very interested topic of the masses. Recently an Italian chamber of commerce assessment is given to 433.2 billion euros (RMB 3.4 trillion). A staggering make the Eiffel Tower of Europe’s most valuable cultural landmarks, its value is equivalent to 1/5 of GDP in France, is milan twice the annual income of the city.

the Eiffel Tower is really so valuable, lights. But you can imagine, if today we also build a the same tower, even have more than the Eiffel Tower of tall, magnificent the new tower can have the same value? Answer must be a little common sense: impossible. Why is that? Simply say: new buildings have no history.

historical heritages are precious because they experienced the baptism of time, the years of wind and frost sleet in eroding other generation architecture highlight the scarcity of surviving sites; Human social change which gives retained the rich connotation, make its have the culture. Visitors step into the Eiffel Tower, admire are not just superb architectural art and beautiful scenery of Paris, adhere to the more the innumerable historical events, historical figures, legends & hellip; & hellip; This is the charm of the Eiffel Tower. Real money is not the building itself, but history, is the culture.

new antique buildings regardless of appearance resembles the ancient original, can’t have the original natural have irreplaceable value. New buildings lack of soul. The soul is not to say that there can be some, is after a long time, formed in the vicissitudes of history. This alone would determine the true monuments and imitators to value.

on the other hand, the Eiffel Tower & other; Sky-high & throughout; Is derived from the French people’s attitude towards historical heritage, including the Eiffel Tower, and emotion. A sign of the French regards as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, the symbol of national spirit for the renai ance. The Frenchman’s attitude and foreigners interested in the Eiffel Tower. Otherwise, precious cultural relics, if people do not add value, and optional destroys, its value must be derogatory.

this is common sense, but in today’s China still has emphasized the necessity of continuously. As with 5000 years of civilization countries, we have the world largest and oldest historical heritage, but unfortunately, many could not completely preserved cultural relics. Even the Great Wall, so the world famous great buildings, a considerable part of also is not the appearance. More seriously, many hexiang BingXian not destroyed by natural disasters and fire, but in the rush of city real estate development and was razed to the ground by a bulldozer. According to the third national cultural relics census statistics, nearly 30 years, the country cannot move relics disappeared for more than 40000, of which more than half destroyed by all kinds of construction activities.

it’s really incredible, we pulled down so many real interest on one hand, on the one hand, is keen to build antique buildings. As long as is now a tourist city, it’s not hard to find new antique street. The north somewhere even spend tens of billions of yuan a reconstruction. How the level of antique buildings, people walk in the besides can smell strong commercial atmosphere, how many cultural taste for our taste and appreciate, and how much history for we mourn and lang syne? But we hate sites, delight fake antiques. Isn’t that strange?

at the end of the day, we still lack a genuine love for history, culture and awe. In many people’s eyes, the only value is the relics and commercial value, how much is to be able to attract tourists, can produce many benefits. But ironically, the more money, but not easy to earn more money. China’s most attract visitors today or gugong’s monuments, 2011 tourists visiting the Forbidden City for more than 14 million people. And those of archaize most tourist spots still struggling in the loss of the pit.

real respect for history and culture, will inevitably put the ancestor’s gifts as priceless treasure and cherish this kind of attitude determines the value of cultural relics. Otherwise, even if is a rarity, in the eyes of don’t understand to cherish person, abandon lost, so worthless.

so, instead of envy for the Eiffel Tower, is inferior to come back to take a look at our own is how to treat historical heritage. I believe that a jointly protect historical sites, such as the pearl of the whole nation, history will never less than its value is not so long the Eiffel Tower.