The eleventh day is “the son in law day” yangtse father-in-law to buy dinner for son-in-law

in the first month in the folk custom cluster, the fifth day to meet the god of wealth, the 7th day & other; Throughout the human date &; , the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival & hellip; & hellip; But very few people know in January 11, there is also a & other; Son in law, & throughout; , the net friend @ tomorrow still love you tweeting said: & other; & lsquo; Son in law, & rsquo; Old father-in-law to be son-in-law to the door, please to have a meal, I have been invited, and you? Throughout the &; Many netizens say envy, rightfully ceng rice to have claimed that night.

& other; Son in law, & throughout; Is the annual lunar January 11, was the day of father-in-law fete son in law. The ninth celebrate & other; Providence throughout the &; In addition to the rest of the food, eat a celestial in 10th, left a lot, so the bride’s family don’t have to spend, then use the rest of the food served son-in-law and daughter, also called & other 11 please son in law & throughout; .

this weibo is forwarded for thousands of times, the son-in-law excited, @ Ma Shijiang said: & other; The original and this Monday, thought and early accompany daughter-in-law, back is to entertain yourself, didn’t expect that eleven this day is dedicated to their son-in-law. Throughout the &; Women with joy @ his husband, @ Dan Dan said: 526 & other; Today seems to be to eat leftovers cough up @ paste melon & throughout; , after the @ hindsight find excuse for not cooking, @ the husband said: & other; To dad that ceng rice tonight! Throughout the &; Netizens hot focus & other; The leftover food & throughout; The word, some & other; The ancient son-in-law had the tradition of eating leftovers? Through the is there? Throughout the &; And some & other; Helpless pain’s son-in-law, JiaoKe yet, only to eat leftovers? Throughout the &; Some humor to impress the wife smile, baked sweet potato @ the wife say: together & other; The an LaoZhang family dishes every day with my light! Do you have any? Ha ha & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

, folklore expert said Wang Chong established in Chinese traditional folk custom, the son-in-law of the wife’s family pet, commonly known as & other JiaoKe & throughout; , parents-in-law all hospitality. Across China are, therefore, many places have & other; 11 please son in law & throughout; The vulgar, mainly popular in the south, Taiwan also has exquisite. However, had not heard of nanjing & other; Son in law, & throughout; Custom, nanjing common customs is on the second day & other; Throughout & back; Day, daughter and son-in-law together come back with gift, best wishes to her parents, accept parents-in-law hospitality.