The emperor himself has a few kinds of color? Yongzheng period for azurite month white (FIG.)

The Times, the dragon robe for the general public is special and mysterious. In fact, the ancient Chinese created a lot of benevolent, such as, kirin dragon, phoenix, etc., especially the kirin, peace, peace, auspicious meaning. But why choose dragon emperor as the pattern on the clothes? Say simply, because of the dragon is more profound than kirin some meaning.

kirin image inspired by the giraffe’s early

kirin is very interesting, the scholar thinks, we create kirin this benevolent early is inspired by the giraffe’s. In a sense, people create such an image, it must be based on a single image. In ancient times, people bring the image of Chinese people can not accept, so I try to change to the image of the kirin, shorten its neck, grain and some more flowers.

we think kirin is a auspicious beast, the dragon as a god beast, can in dungeons, including the sea, into the water, omnipotent. This is the dragon emperor as a symbol of one of the most basic characteristics. We say that the emperor is & other; The real dragons & throughout; ; The emperor happy & other; Much yue & throughout; , is not happy & other; Based on & throughout; ; The emperor’s bed & other; Dragon bed & throughout; And sit chair is & other; Dragon & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Anything related to dragon. Before there is a Beijing Opera called “playing dragon robe”, is mainly said the emperor made a mistake, error will still be punished, but not directly emperor corporal punishment, so playing dragon robe as a symbolic punishment.

dragon robe shape remains the same, different materials

this is a mid qing emperor’s summer auspicious dragon robe. In our impression, the yellow emperor is the use of color, is the color of the dragon robe, but the dragon robe is blue. One could think you made a mistake, but there is no wrong. In fact, there are four kinds of the color of the dragon robe & ndash; & ndash; Yellow, white, red, blue, yellow, this is we are all familiar with), month, white, red and blue stone. In the past say & other; The eight banners & throughout; And the four color & ndash; & ndash; Is yellow, white, red, is blue and the set with yellow, white, with red, blue.

in the period, the dragon robe as these four kinds of color: azurite, bright yellow, bright red, which is heading and stone. In the period, heavy stone cyan color changed to blue, so blue dragon robe back color becomes more and more light.

the emperor’s clothes all the year round is in the midst of change. Emperor because of the Confucian discipline, so put the shape is the same, but different materials used. This is a summer uniform, is pervious to light, in his hands, puts, can vaguely see across the clothes. This is a very thin yarn, embroidered with a dragon.


the picture on the right is a piece of cloth of Ming dynasty imperial robe, has not been cut. We can see very clearly that the middle is the neck of people, which is the head, this place is to be cut. In the Ming dynasty imperial crowns on the dragon, the newly rich are huge don’t like the qing dynasty. In the qing dynasty imperial robe after forming pattern, has nine dragons on a dragon robe. Front and back only two on this material, is a dragon. The late Ming dynasty material, can save to today is very not easy. Weaving, leaving a line no should be cut from this place. This cloth is directly brocade, from the back of it as you can see, namely when weaving the cloth, just weave the pattern on it. That is to say, the designs in the dragon robe is actually woven up first, and then cut.

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