“” the emperor in the history: let the people to buy tickets to visit the beautiful princess naked

von small flow (figure)

in this paper, from a book to read through all previous dynasties anecdotes, cho ji-ho compiled, petroleum industry press

beiqi and seventeen years later, the founding of the high latitude acceded to the throne, is put away. He is a dandy, standard wine beauty, debauchery total, live a life of luxury and romantic.

at that time, achieve the queen’s name is jose, but then he doesn’t like his queen, but love to play brilliantly Cao Zhaoyi pipa. Jose queen to rivalry, left no stone unturned. Jose empress, side there is a beautiful maid called von little flow, jose queen know that achieve the lewd, just gave him, feng small flow results beat Cao Zhaoyi von small flow not only, also has the queen is defeated, by the way, pet crown imperial harem.

in addition to the common guy who lived in ages past luxurious palaces, extravagance and waste, qi left in high latitude even with ministers proceedings, also often let the small flow greasy feng in her arms, or put her on his knee, make the minister shame flushed, often incoherent words, unsuccessfully.

of their succession after emperor wudi, see the high latitude fornication fatuous, so personally against pingyang (now linfen) with a great army and jinyang (now taiyuan). After their occupation of pingyang, beiqi to achieve actually speak out the words, & other; As long as von small flow safe, what’s wrong with a defeat! Throughout the &;

& other; Le than the lele alone & throughout; , beiqi left in high latitude is too simple, sometimes naive. He thinks like von small flow lovely beauty just let him alone some too selfish, she’s a born beauty should let all men know. So after some design and arrangement, he let feng small flow in longji county lay class, the daughter of a view of ticket prices, let the rich men are thorn. This game a brain-dead, make their emperor wudi did Sarah laugh.

high latitude with von little flow behaviour still mighty went out hunting. Addressed to his message: & other; With the winter, their military has returned to the changan, use this time to recover pingyang. Throughout the &; To achieve the undecided.

von little flow guess war and hunting fun, so to achieve the troops counterattack pingyang personally. Achieve the natural taste, so feng small flow uniform along.

beiqi soldiers surrounded the city pingyang, beiqi soldier to recover, morale is like a rainbow. Although left-behind pingyang of their general Liang Shiyan led co., LTD. Of the soldiers defend city, but in beiqi selfless soldiers under the charge of is in jeopardy. At high latitude is general orders, pingyang will soon recover, feng small flow but think it’s getting late, she couldn’t see the siege battle scenes, and ask again after the second day morning siege.

& have spent

the second day and dark, the north wind roar, the first snowflakes fell, the earth is a silvery white, feng small flow and thought the weather is not funny, called for a moratorium on siege.

but the darkness or bad weather as it is the best time to military offensive, constrained by the woman’s view, beiqi army had lost twice without reason. When the weather is fine, of their emperor wudi has arrived was advancing pingyang, two days a bloody battle, the qi trounced, retreat into the jinyang, vigorous pingyang battle ended in the qi defeat again.

after the war of pingyang, their emperor wudi think soldiers fighting in the cold particularly hard, ready to take the army back to changan to recover. Liang Shiyan knocking about, think now should taking beiqi city of jinyang. Their adopted Liang Shiyan opinion, emperor wudi xiliang army forced the qi, as jin manufactory. Weeks of emperor wudi and beiqi left in high latitude to form bright contrast, know tightly grasp the opportunity, and he’s ready to break first is out of love for soldiers, don’t like high latitude just in order to meet the woman of von small flow.