The famous poet ji string died Zhang ailing ever wrote praise his poems clean (FIG.)

ji string picture

1930, ji string to take picture with new wife.

last year, the ji string family celebrating the birthday.


according to the poet, jiangsu literature and art publishing house, deputy chief editor Yu Kui tide, the Chinese modern famous poet Mr Ji string, in the United States on July 22, local time at two o ‘clock in the morning in California, died at the age of 101.

ji string is one of the three elders in Taiwan (the other two QinZiHao and inscriptions on ancient bronze objects), enjoys a high reputation in Taiwan parnassus. Ji string is the advocate of modernist poetry, he advocated writing & other; The main knowledge & throughout; Poem, emphasize & other; The transplantation of transverse & throughout; . Style and lively, good, happy banter. His poems have strong emotional and lyrical, and show a special personal style.

crystal newspaper reporter Jiang Meng poem interns ling-ling

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yesterday morning, the poet Yu Kui tide on weibo said: & other; Just answer the transoceanic telephone, astonished, Chinese modern famous poet Mr Ji string (Louis), on July 22, 2013, local time at two o ‘clock in the morning, died in California, has died at the age of 101. Profound condolences! Throughout the &;

the late poet Wu Benxing string is age old friends, his son Wu Xinhai also confirmed on weibo, have contact ji string on the head, confirmed the death of Mr Ji string.

ji string immigrated to the United States in 1976, the recent situation is not known to the public. In 2010, according to reports in North America, string ill, some north American Chinese writers to ji string together home visiting. Ji strings to see so many old friends come, was very glad. We asked him how healthy, string themselves: good health, happy. To ask him this year old? Ji string is not clear, mumbling, says more than 80 years old this year, and ask the person next to, & other; I have a 90 – year – old? More than 90 years old? Less than 100 years old. Throughout the &;

at the time, ji string at the age of 97. Hochiminh with his wife (formerly known as Hu Huizhu) daughter sitting in her wheelchair was wheeled out, repeatedly calling: ji string & other; His wife! His wife! Throughout the &; Ji string got married in 1930, with his wife before marriage is love at first sight, had four children and a woman after marriage, have been married for 80 years to 2010 years. Every anniversary ji string to write a poem to his wife. As the poet’s wife, hochiminh definitely belong to