The farmer embroiders 22 meters long scroll the qingming festival “embroidery needle ten million for five years

s li-ping du (left), embroiders the giant painting “on the qingming festival.

on the morning of June 10, handan chengan li-ping du on 22 meters long painting “on the qingming festival attracted many curious eyes. Beginning in July 2007, the rural women almost every day plying, five years a total of about ten million embroidery needle, to complete the long & other; Cross-stitch & throughout; . According to li-ping du, the super-long cross-stitch about 26 kg, is divided into 14 parts, including 800 people 180, trees, housing building of more than 30, and numerous vans, livestock, etc. It is understood that the current domestic cross-stitch longest painting “on the qingming festival is 22 meters, consists of 18 senior embroidery professional lasted for more than 180 days.