The “father” of study in China, from the loyalty to rebel against the qing government


yung, who first study in Yale in modern China, is a sea turtles, with an international vision is known as & other The father of the study in China & throughout; . Tohave the returnees who are full of ambition, in order to change the country’s chronic, enthusiastically all kinds of advice to the government and reform. However, ending? Is often war often hurt. POTS of political cold water poured continuously into the sea turtles, his passion flame was doused over and over again.

government to yung’s first political cold water basin, is the students plan to stay in the United States. As China’s earliest thegovernment-sent students, this plan scheduled for 15 years, but was halted after just nine years. A young children have long abroad, & other; With foreigners’ bad habits & throughout; , let the vigorous study abroad tide has ended, rong hong hopes to by teenagers to study in the nation’s desire and thus the hordes of modern talent cultivation. After the battle, blow to rong hong.

but yung faithful to the court still. Sino-japanese war broke out, as far afield as the United States yung, write to the HuGuang governor zhang zhidong, puts forward two against the enemy. One is 15 million yuan, borrowing from the British to buy ironclad, hire foreign soldiers, copying the Japanese posterior from the Pacific Ocean, the fore and aft can’t care. The Chinese army in hand, the land and sea to resist Japan. Another solution is by the Chinese government to send out to Taiwan island in Europe and the United States of any power, borrow $400 million, as the war with Japan’s military.

zhang zhidong chose the first scheme, and let yung to London to borrow $15 million. Let yung never thought, however, the rong hong and consortium of Banks in London, England agreed to sign, the qing government refused to use the customs tariff of mortgage for the loan guarantees, borrowing agreement cannot implement, eventually yung proposed stillborn. The London bank consortium that yung is for them to make fraud, prepare to London court accused of yung wing. Rong hong get embarrassed, with the help of a friend was able to return to the United States. The government backtracked, let the back of its own people promise to blackmail the blame, really is from the past and present yarn.

in 1896, rong hong returned to Shanghai from the United States to the national decision-making is put forward by state bank plans to promote the development of industry and commerce, and to get the approval from the senior government. As yung ambitions to rock, halfway back however a cheng bite gold & ndash; & ndash; China merchants agent at the time of Shanghai sheng xuanhuai. By politics and money bribery, the establishment of the national bank of task took on to his own hands, yung sidelined. Yung wing and suffered a teacher heel dead, often make the hero tears full jin. This is not to play in ShuaRen government? Not built national bank, to build the railway? In 1896 and 1896, rong hong to the qing government on the two building national railway by item. Although the emperor in February 1898, approved the yung second by item, namely, to build town railway. But as a result of railway construction will involve the interests of the many groups, under a number of local official opposition, eventually road construction plan is fruitless.

again and again, let the rong hong seemed to understand, don’t change corrupt political system, oneself only is forever just patriotic ambition, BaoGuoWuMen. As Kang Liang the development of the movement, the reform movement has entered three score and ten yung seeing a glimmer of light, active in reform movement, participated in the kang, liang reformists were almost all activities of planning, his apartment & other; A few is whig leader meeting & throughout; . Hope, disappointed, less than one hundred days, the reform movement were killed off. Emperor guangxu locked up by the queen mother, etc, and liang qichao’s political reform became the offence of insurrection wanted, in caishikou 6 gentleman was killed. Yung wing after escaping from only difficulty, and to Hong Kong. 70 – year – old man, and he became his own country’s persona non grata a subversion, became a outcast of the country, this age can enjoy family happiness, but became the object of the government counterattacked, deplorable state. Despair, despair, or despair can describe most yung wing state of mind at this time.

so rotten, a government asked him to use? Now that’s not line, that can only to force. In August 1900, the reformists who Tang Caichang and others use the boxers in the north to the dilemma of the qing government, going to Shanghai planning & other; ZiLiJun & throughout; Uprising, and then extended to the Yangtze river basin, attempted to overthrowing the rule of empress dowager cixi guangxu reset. Yung wing from Hong Kong to Shanghai planning work the uprising. But haven’t started the ZiLiJun uprising was zhang zhidong get away. As & other; Playing card & throughout; Yung once again become one of the qing government named political horn, wanted to exile in Japan.

from to revive China society member xie Zuan Thai people such as planning & other; Daming shun’s rebellion & throughout; To put forward & other; Red dragon China & throughout; Plan, yung wing for the revolutionaries, done a lot of revolutionary work, a lot of useful advice, and is absorbed by sun yat-sen and others to adopt.

god helps those who help themselves, in 1911 the outbreak of the revolution finally let corrupt the downfall of the qing dynasty, the republic of China established. While the rong hong has been in the United States was seriously ill. On December 25, 1911, sun yat-sen returned to Shanghai, to the preparation of nanjing temporary government. Yung wing after the news, feel very exciting. He sent a letter to an old friend thank Zuan tay, please send him a & other; Throughout the full cabinet &; And to sun yat-sen says his & other; Congratulations & throughout; . He told Zuan tai xie, his & other; Health is gradually improving, might have to come to China to visit the new republic & throughout; . But things didn’t work out, rong hong never set foot on their homeland.

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