& quot; The father of the knife knife dog & quot; Mr. Murong lead knife: I used to a otaku, too lazy to go out

mr.murong lead knife

mr.murong lead knife

in & other; The knife knife dog & throughout; Ten years old birthday, Chinese original cartoon leader, & other; The father of the knife knife dog & throughout; Mr. Murong knife, yesterday afternoon with new “time travel” was held in pioneer bookstore book signing activity. The scene, the enthusiasm & other; Knife fan & throughout; Again & other; Grass & throughout; And & other; Query & throughout; , & other; Knife dad & throughout; , said: full head big sweat, already tense and exciting.

holiday early pioneer bookstore gathered a large number of readers, Mr. Murong knife took to the podium, excitedly said: & other; Have visited here many times, and I very like the atmosphere here, have never thought today new bookmarks can be held here. Throughout the &; He says, “time travel” is his first book of travel picture books, unexpectedly after listed are so. About travel brought him feeling, Mr. Murong knife said, is a kind of never had & other; Refresh the mind & throughout; , & other; I used to like other cartoonists, basic is an otaku, too lazy to go out. A friend asked me why not go out to travel, I, for example, you put a dog to go out, a circle around the earth, come back is not a dog? Friends speechless. Throughout the &; However, Mr. Murong knife is not the sort of hardcore otaku, so he took & other; Knife knife & throughout; Out of the house. & other; Before always turn a blind eye on the way to work, travel is very different, all the way scenery, opens up many blinds inside the window, I feel quite a lot. Throughout the &;

in Taipei, Mr. Murong knife want to go to the eslite bookstore, the result that day not the door into the bookstore, but attracted by the side of the road, a street vendor deke, & other; The last page of the book, I put him down. Appeals to me is his stone out of the carpet, this is no ordinary pebbles, but colorful stones, uncle say he painted. Throughout the &;

mr.murong knife said, have never thought more attracted him than a stone is stone man, and chatted with him for more than two hours. The uncle said he nearly 60 years old, retired at the age of 23, drawing, doing volunteer work, never be lazy. He asked me know SiMaZhongYuan? I have seen in the book of bai xianyong, is a famous Taiwan military writer, he said it was his father. & other; Once I listen to are a second generation, how to fall to this point? Uncle can answer to my surprise, he said it was because of his hard and he didn’t choose to retire, to do the best for you. Throughout the &;

to sell the story of the stone uncle told mr.murong knife, & other; Travel is like life, we can’t always used to wait for, always used to be dominated. Throughout the &;

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