The front door on the tip of the tongue: the traditional old old taste and fashion restaurant (FIG.)

front door M restaurant

front door M restaurant smoked salmon.

the food in the front door 23

every time walking in the qianmen street, I have the feeling of a cross, even if the qianmen street, brand new visitors, shop with a loud & other; Throughout the surface check it out &; , near dashilan cramped inside broken, eyeful is old Beijing fry sauce surface cover.

in Beijing also called beiping, the front door was the capital of food, many different flavor restaurant, gathered here, outside the theater, before widely and floor, three anniversary, and many other play park, after the scene, many pear in the big Angle in this repast, Ma Lianliang like qianmen foreign MenGuan two yi xuan Fried cooked shrimp, his name is this dish, will be special attention, with eight inch pan sheng, eat Qing a plate, then to a plate. Sometimes eat three or four consecutive trading, but must be points pan fry. Tan Fuying and QiuChengRong like a dumpling, ate some more Fried three corners; A theatre with GuangDe floor adjacent, mei lanfang tend to point here a cabbage.