The g8 coalition forces of aggression against China love letter for Russian book award The envelope of the qing dynasty stamps

mikhail & middot; Shish gold (left) and dmitry & middot; Bekoff book awards ceremony in 2011

our reporter demanded whiskers wang reported 50 writer mikhail & middot; Shish gold (М и х а и л Ш и ш seem и н) has its epistolary novel letter book (П и с ь м о kind guide н и seem) was awarded the sixth Russian book prize (Б о л ь ш а second seem н и f а), and huge sums of money 3 million rubles (RMB 620000).

letter book’s cover postmark covering China, with the qing dynasty stamp.

plot is simple at first glance. The protagonist is a pair of first love & ndash; & ndash; Vladimir (eph) and Alexandra (card). The young man on the battlefield, girl to stay at home and live a quiet life. Talk communication, two people: childhood, family, life, happiness and sadness & hellip; & hellip; No, not so simple.

Mr Card just graduated from medical school, to the work of obstetrics and gynecology. Fall in love with that after the soldier brother, she says, she just had life. Walter, the forces of card is a part of the g8 coalition, is open to Beijing, suppress the boxers. He wrote in the letter of war cruel and the pain of the wounded. And to die, then he believed still flowing. Mr Ramesh CARDS continued to write, even if the soldier brother really dead, also won’t stop writing. She wrote her marriage, her dead child, she personally buried their parents.

in 1961, shish jin was born in Moscow, in Moscow institute of education to learn English and German, and sweep the street, the road after graduation, engaged in translation work, published in the journal flag in 1993 short stories, from then on into the literary world, two years later moved to Zurich, Switzerland.

book award, established in 2006, get the oligarchs and tycoon sponsorship, which is the second book award bonuses after the Nobel Prize of the world & ndash; & ndash; Founded that year, the first prize of 3 million roubles is worth about 900000 yuan, now has fallen to 620000 yuan. Second prize and third prize of the writer will also each had 150 and 1 million roubles.

this book prize winner is full of famous artists. Vladimir & middot; Solo gold in “the storm” (М е т е л ь) won the second prize, the novel wrote a doctor to rescue patients blood hot Bolivia’s story and a driver in Russia has never stopped snowstorm in the story of the journey.

third prize went to dmitry & middot; Bekoff “oster merv, or sorcerer’s apprentice (О с т р о м о kind guide, и л и У discusses some related problems е н и seem discusses some related problems а р о д е second), the book describes the Russia in the 1920 s of the last batch of fraternal members.