The German painter’s arrive: long European face

Beijing, Shanghai, March 27 (Zou Ruiyue BaoXiaoHan) announced here on the 27th of fudan university foreign historical traditions of a group of early. This batch of data recorded in the 19th century German recorded in China’s historical style and features of Chinese society.

this batch of material from fudan university professor of history at the Wang Weijiang collected during the period of studying in Germany more than 300 German first-hand information. In 1860, the kingdom of Prussia, sent the first diplomatic mission to China, along with the group portrait painters paint arrive in Beijing Chinese style dress, face has a European facial features. Wang Weijiang said, suggesting that the understanding of the culture, it is very long.

Wang Weijiang argues that, since the 19th century, the German ideology, modernization of the Chinese has had a profound impact, but the German literature in the history of academic circles is seldom used. Use Chinese literature present modern Chinese history is a defect.

it is understood that these photos will be in the middle of April under the auspices of the fudan university and the university of Hamburg for the first time & other; Sino-german leibniz BBS & throughout; During the public display. The