The great hall of the people’s biggest draw “lotus wind prosperous time” : cui as eight days to complete

who painted into the great hall of the people

landscape, flowers and birds, and welcoming pine, frequent these patterns as a classical background behind China’s leaders, are spread out and become a symbol of the great hall of television. But few people know that the paintings to be creative and how to be collect.

your correspondent/Wu Ziru

the eighteenth big new appearance of the standing committee, to bring attention to their behind a picture. Soon, it is famous for its large format “YouYan autumn figure” fire. The artist Hou Dechang with disciple creation in 1994 paintings often appeared in the news broadcast, netizens called & other; One of the most traditional Chinese painting & throughout; .

people begin to pay close attention to and the great hall of the people who talk about painting can be the China’s political, cultural and diplomatic activities of the most important place to collect and display.

at the great hall of the biggest draw

67 – year – old cui, such as cut, under the help of assistant some trembling site drawing table, continue to add branches tracing on the lotus leaf. Table with a huge zhang two size of the paper.

Calligraphy studio

this is the great hall of the people, the area than cui as north rings & other; Jing qing yuan & throughout; Of enormous larger studio, the window is opposite the tiananmen square, standing on the picture look out on the table, alongabusy on changan avenue. To create the huge size of the traditional Chinese painting, there is no more suitable places here.

in June 2011, have been learning calligraphy and painting, who had flavor door cui as received the invitation to the great hall of the people, for he wrote for the wall on the northern side of the corridor on the second floor a picture of the traditional Chinese painting.

the painter to on-the-spot investigation, found the great hall of the offer for him & other; The location is very good, & throughout; Wall has a very large area, and the back is panting and guan shanyue together created the famous “jiangshan so much jiao”, such as cut cui accepted the invitation.

but what is the problem. Panting and main work is on the back of a landscape, according to the subject of Chinese painting, flowers and birds, of course, is the first choice. Cui as drawing load is put forward. And he said, & other; Dutch & throughout; Symbol, & other; And throughout the &; , & other; Harmony throughout the &; The meaning of. Lotus leaf wind, homophonic & other; Wel & throughout; , which means & other; Harmony throughout every time &; . Relevant subjects, both sides agree soon.

according to the practice, administration of the great hall of the people to review, to cui as painting a picture of a small draft to submit. But cui as do not have the habit of a draft first. & other; Then, I began to draw tomorrow, you’ll see satisfaction is not satisfied with, & throughout; Cui as so reply to each other. He started in on a big paper zhang two horse painting directly. A few days later, people come and acceptance of the great hall of the people, see the big picture before, was surprised, & other; In this picture. Throughout the &; Such as cut cui smiled motioning with his hand, said to draw a picture.

cui as with han meilin at an early age to eighteen old paper of the great hall of the people. His studio at half past eight in the morning to the great hall of the people, the conditions very nice studio have no ink stone. Cui as some surprise, oneself bought four big ink stone. & other; The water in bowls, and the ink, that is for the use of the past to write posters, I said it’s & lsquo; The cultural revolution & rsquo; Throughout the sequela, &; Cui as haha laughed and said to “China news weekly”.

a hours grinding, then paint about twelve o ‘clock. Eight zhang two paintings, finished a every day, to complete the whole creation, such as cut cui eight days. In the end, the huge traditional Chinese painting is named “lotus wind shengshi”.

at the beginning of 2012, after the grand ceremony, “lotus wind prosperous time” was formally suspended in the great hall of the people on the wall on the northern side of the corridor on the second floor. Eight picture patchwork, painting core is eighteen meters long and two meters wide, framed completed, 20 meters long, width to three meters, total area of the picture than it on the back wall “jiangshan so much jiao” to one of the three points.

& other; How can make figure paintings hang up? Throughout the &;

painter Chen Kezhi also often see from TV news hanging in the great hall of the people of all kinds of painting, but in his mind, in the great hall of the people hung with pictures & other; Is welcoming pine & throughout; . As a result, in 1998, when he heard the chongqing municipal party committee to recruit a painting hanging in the great hall of the people of chongqing three gorges subject hall, Chen Kezhi was surprised.

& other; It is thought that only a visitor, & throughout; Chen Kezhi carefully recalled the scene, could not help but laugh, & other; TV is the impression of the point, how can make figure paintings hang up? Throughout the &;

in 1997, chongqing, the great hall of the people’s hall of chongqing. At that time, the body in Beijing Chen Kezhi, is famous for painting of the three gorges project subjects. His documentary oil painting “the Yangtze river & ndash; & ndash; three gorges tracker” popular within the circle.

Chen Kezhi was called back to chongqing. Leaders of the chongqing municipal committee of the mighty to Chen Kezhi studio. After he had been painting for years in the three gorges.

the three gorges project starts, every river closure, rose water, Chen Kezhi all want to rob to accumulate the material before, & other; Every time I like rescue relics, what is going to be submerged, & throughout; Chen Kezhi pointing gesture said. Talking about the field to draw the experience of the three gorges, his interest is very high.

compared to other theme show the painter, the three gorges Chen Kezhi focus more on the history of the three gorges, his creative reality quite some record, meditate on the tastes of today. This is why Chen Kezhi hall of chongqing was selected to painting.

Chen Kezhi drew three draft, a picture of a few degrees “sunset”, sunset in the three gorges, give priority to with the three gorges qianceng stone stone; Another is the three gorges is the month Ming “, the three gorges scenery quietly under the moonlight. Finally selected is a picture of the three gorges alba. Scene, morning rises in the distance, shining open KuiMen, an eagle is in the direction of the KuiMen wings. Picture nearby, after one thousand years of stone as the main body, cracked them, experienced the vicissitudes of life, the Yangtze river water to silence, still flapping weather-beaten Jiang Shi.

Chen Kezhi thinks, it is because there are bright is yearning, were selected as the final plan. & other; In one thousand, chongqing too many ups and downs of the story, but always look on the bright place, & throughout; Chen Kezhi said to “China news weekly”.

Collection of the great hall of the

after the painting works to go to Beijing, chongqing leadership attaches great importance to, ask Chen Kezhi requirements. & other; I say is not, you cannot fold, transported to Beijing I must watch, after & throughout; Chen Kezhi recollection “China news weekly”.

this “three gorges alba” painting for more than a month, only two or three hours a day. & other; I also don’t know much about those things (leaders), is the thinking of the painting can not damage at all, I draw too hard. Throughout the &; Chen Kezhi said.

chongqing later found a longer car, the 5.7 meters long, 1.5 meters wide of the three gorges alba arrived not volume discount to Beijing. It became the first picture hanging in the great hall of the people in the painting.

is opposite to the three gorges alba embroidery, next to the relief, the front office is the wu gorge, sorrowing and wall paint “on the morning of the qutang gorge”. Like other places hall, hall decoration extremely local characteristics of chongqing.

as the tenth anniversary of the founding of the built in & other; The capital 10 construction & throughout; , one of the great hall of the people of the whole building area of 171800 square meters, more than the floor area is bigger. Few know, however, from the design, construction and decoration, just time consuming more than 10 months of monster, in fact, in addition to the imperial palace another art treasure house.

in addition, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, 33 places outside the conference room, guest room and banquet hall, reception hall, golden hall, etc., all pay attention to the decoration in the calligraphy and painting works. “Jiangshan so much jiao” is hanging on the wall of the receiving positive hall, painting heart high 5.65 meters, 9 meters wide, with the “patio spring & middot; snow” meaning and theme, featured by MAO zedong’s autograph book.

in addition to receiving hall, national reception hall is another strong artistic style of the hall, the main wall of the huge traditional Chinese painting “through up and down the river & middot; changchun”, by the famous traditional Chinese painters Xie Ruijie creation, painting CheFu 6.85 meters & times; 3.82 meters.

in addition to the traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and art hanging up in the great hall of the people, one of the most famous is a disciple of the qi gong, zhang’s calligraphy “the blessing”, hanging in the golden hall. In addition to the east hall of the giant official script “to shaoshan” and macau club of calligraphy “jiujiu to word figure” and so on.

place hall mainly lies in the characteristics of local characteristics of scroll to embroidery, embossed, paintings, etc., and painting and calligraphy. Such as hebei hall of peace and prosperity in figure, Beijing hall “plum” of Chinese painting and calligraphy works of “chairman MAO’s poetry”, SiChuanTing sharply the traditional Chinese painting “jinding sea of clouds”  

more than half a century, the great hall of the people has collected more than one thousand pieces, which include qi baishi, wu zuoren, guan shanyue painter’s works. A recent public collection is in 2012, in the great hall of the people management committee issued a nationwide manuscripts, we collected a batch of Chinese painters.

Chen Kezhi eyes & other; Guest-greeting pine & throughout; , hanging in the great hall of the east hall, is a traditional Chinese painters of liu hui’s works. China’s leaders in this & other; Guest-greeting pine & throughout; Before the reception of foreign ambassadors, thus became one of the most familiar painting in the great hall of the people.

Chen Kezhi now every few years to take a trip to the great hall of the people, for himself that the three gorges alba oiling, coloring. & other; That sounds like the feel their own children, don’t open it, you lost & throughout; Chen Kezhi said.