The Great Wall at badaling section ChengZhuan repeatedly been scrawled foreign words marked (FIG.)

at the Great Wall notch on the wall. Reporter Wang Haokui taken

9 a.m. on May 28th, yanqing county, Beijing in the breeze, the drizzle, the reporter from beicheng began climbing, just walking distance away, he saw the ash black graffiti walls of some characters, some ChengZhuan even been written many times, scarred. However, in these graffiti, some foreign language is also very impressive. From beicheng platform to north left on the ground floor walls, 60 meters distance at about 52 foreign lettering as a souvenir of the content, major in English, Arabic, Japanese and Korean, such as carving, title, and there are inscribed in the country and the organization. Such as i. IMICIU, XH GURRA, SALIAS, etc. Some lettering engraved on the top layer of ChengZhuan, the handwriting is clear.

along the winding Great Wall, looking at the graffiti on the ChengZhuan, reporter also unusually heavy mood: & other; As China’s ancient working people create great miracle, is China’s long history testimony, is the representative and embodiment of the Chinese nation will, how can so frivol? Throughout the &; Go all the way, look at all the way, in the north of the second to the third floor of the north section of the wall, the reporter found foreign visitors and inscription as a souvenir.

& other; We won’t be on the wall lettering, also don’t want other people to do such a thing. Throughout the &; Near the north on the third floor, British tourists mark facing journalists & other How to evaluate foreign tourists throughout the wall graffiti &; Questions said with a smile, & other; This kind of phenomenon is very bad. Throughout the &;

high lady from guangzhou to visit the Great Wall for the first time, she told reporters, & other; To see the graffiti on the wall, was very angry. If you find someone carving graffiti, would immediately come forward to stop, do not allow the destruction of cultural relics of the motherland. Throughout the &; But she also says, look from the trace of graffiti, mostly in a few years ago.

high lady for. Near the north the sixth floor, is on duty of badaling special zone comprehensive management team, a staff told reporters enter the peak season now, every day the event about 20000 & ndash; Thousands of people, 30000 people, among them, the foreign tourists. But in recent years, due to strengthen the patrol management, the scribble probability is not high.

on tourists graffiti problem, the reporter then to yanqing county of Beijing badaling, dc office, a spoke on condition of anonymity, said the current solve the problem of tourists graffiti also mainly by persuasion, persuading education, in case of foreign tourists carving graffiti, and also to meet the language, no punishment. She tells a reporter, in the north, north and south on the 8th floor on the ground floor, more foreign tourists title as a souvenir, but this kind of phenomenon is gradually reduce. The staff also told reporters that carving graffiti harm is great, because the wall once destroyed, can’t recover.

just as journalists left the Great Wall, happened to meet mark again. Too much, he says, carving graffiti, is the destruction of cultural relics, foreign visitors should also set up the consciousness of protecting cultural relics, respect for all kinds of natural and cultural heritage, and should not destroy them. (our reporter Wang Haokui our correspondent Lv Li sevi)