The greatest English writer last decided to get married of cancer with only a few months of life

famous British writer Ian & middot; Banks announced that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, perhaps only a few months of life. Message is issued, a large number of netizens on the Banks of the website message greetings, and causing the site to crash for a time.

& other; I had cancer, from the beginning of the gallbladder, spread to the liver, and possibly the pancreas and lymphatic, & throughout; Banks, 59, wrote on his website. He admitted that his life may be only a few months, & other; Highly unlikely throughout more than a year &; .

at the moment, he has cancelled all planned public events, and said he would marry his girlfriend Adele, enjoy a short. & other; I asked Adele, if I have the pleasure, let her be my widow, & throughout; Though seriously ill, Banks are still not to give up their trademark black humor.

Banks also revealed that his publisher are currently trying our best to advance published his latest work “quarry”. & other; Seems that will be my last work, & throughout; Banks said.

Banks was born in Scotland in 1954, the first book published in 1984, “the bee catchers and fame, the work has been translated into Chinese. Later, he created a series of in & other; Civilization throughout the &; The universe as the background of science fiction. More than 30 years, he USES Ian & middot; Banksy’s name mainstream fiction, with Ian & middot; M· The names of the Banks to write science fiction.

in 2008, The Times rated Banks as one of the greatest writers of the 50 contemporary Britain. (xinhua)