The late qing and early republic “gong” : crisis in public slap song jiaoren

death squads, explosives, assassination to assassinate & hellip; & hellip;

the late qing and early republic, & other; Gong & throughout; The legendary life

graceshi become warped



(1) the grand master of the house two (2) Tang Qunying (3) shanshan yan (4), yoon Yin Weijun as profile picture

the movie grand master is hit, in comfortable silence sound of fighting, the crisis of the republic of China & other; Gong & throughout; Left a deep impression to the person. This wong kar-wai mouth represents & other; The people republic of China in operas achieve perfection & throughout; Gong, the prototype of vengeance for the parent should women graceshi become warped. At the age of 20, father were beheaded by sun BaoShi graceshi become warped. Graceshi become warped aspires to revenge for his father, at the exchange of marriage, looking for every opportunity. When hopes graceshi become warped should find the sun, the enemy even open three times, shocked the country. In fact, not only the graceshi become warped, there are many such crisis of the late qing Ming, shiny, beautiful, wen wan and moving, has made many heroic character in deeds. “Found” weekly take you into the qing dynasty & other; Gong & throughout; The legendary life.

modern express reporter Tang Lei

& other; Gong & throughout; No fighting skill

practice marksmanship, ammunition

in our impression, women of the republic of China is a little shyness wen wan, and beauty in the history of Shanghai yuefen brand poster, QiaoXiaoQianXi, beautiful eyes hope xi. However, few people know that there is a group of women, they look glamorous, yet inwardly we are being very strong, made a lot of men can’t do, this is the woman of the republic of China.

& other; In fact, the Ming and qing dynasties is the ancient Chinese martial arts is the most prosperous, and important period of maturity, the ancient Chinese martial arts system basic formation in this period. In the mid and late qing dynasty, with the gradually application of firearms on military, martial arts gradually fade out. Throughout the &; Sports college sports department Yu Cuilan the teacher pointed out that, in the republic of China, martial arts has been instead of flourishing as before. & other; The woman of the republic of China, a lot of woman is not in the traditional sense, they’re not in the martial arts, but the use of guns. Throughout the &;

in the xin-hai revolution period patriotic women leaned slightly activities “, then tell the story of the woman of the republic of China. Having many women even become singular uprising, such as sichuan liao nine younger sister of the uprising, guangxi huang nine aunt, aunt hu, gu yisow, Wang Dagu, mo elder sister-in-law’s uprising, these don’t even know the name of the women made many men are afraid to do. Not only that, & other; Woman & throughout; They also formed into army and fight. Like hanyang Huang Bei shu-ching wu had 19 wrote to li yuanhong, requires organizations against women’s northern expedition team. Li rejected, oh argued, finally allowed to form a female army. Soon she recruited a team of hundreds of people, opened the prelude to the women’s army. These women change traditional delicate obliging, decisively fighting in the front, is amazing.

these qing dynasty & other; Gong & throughout; Are born of women leaders door, beautiful bold sisters, there are stars, ordinary people are born in poverty, they practice marksmanship, explosives, assassinations, took to the revolutionary road, epic.

Tang Qunying


double gun virgin to contend for equal rights, public slap song jiaoren, Tomlinson

Tang Qunying is general xiang prefect, zhenwei Tang Xingzhao fourth child. Tang Qunying can write good poetry, and can ride a horse fencing, she often and study with qiu jin state in the family.

Tang Qunying resolutely dongdu Japan on the road to study abroad at the age of 33, she met qing dynasty, song jiaoren and others, and soon joined in the qing dynasty founded by China such as a sudden flash of inspiration, as its the only female member. Later, after the qing dynasty introduced, Tang Qunying met with sun yat-sen, she told the sun expressed his antipathy towards female subordination, sun yat-sen very appreciated her, said & other; Ms wing is the first walked into the women in the revolutionary ranks, is an example, is twenty thousand women leaders! Throughout the &;

Tang Qunying back home, then created & other; Women’s fan club & throughout; His, raise the expense, sides support front; At the same time selected young women to form & other; Throughout the northern expeditionary army relief team &; The wounded to the first aid. Tang Qunying to ku double gun, bravely siege of ying won & other Two guns virgin Tang Qunying & throughout; In the battlefield.

the integrity, had to fight for equality between men and women, in public slap will not & other; Equality between men and women throughout the &; Song jiaoren, Tomlinson written into the party platform. But, under the sun yat-sen’s exhortations Tang Qunying decided to place the inner-party struggle for a while, with song jiaoren stand on the same front, the plan for yuan in the first place.