The moon in the Mid-Autumn festival this year fifteen 15 round full moon at 11 a.m. 19 points

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& other; 15 the moon 16 round & throughout; , this proverb is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, as if into law. In fact, this is not necessarily all right, the lunar 15th and 16th is likely to be encountered during the month the round the moon, sometimes have to wait until 17, according to the lunar calendar to see the round moon.

there are difference, because the moon around the earth, is not a round orbit, and the fast slowly.

astronomers say, is the lunar August 15 moon is round, this year the weather forecast says the weather is good also, you then want to enjoy the moon don’t miss oh.

the moon’s orbit is fast or slow

full moon sometimes & other; Late & throughout;

this Sunday is the Mid-Autumn festival, the ancients described the Mid-Autumn festival with love & other; Elixir of love & throughout; Word of and so on, gradually in the autumn wind up in the evening, smelling the fragrance of osmanthus, looking at a full moon, the sky is really a pleasure in life. Seriously want to ask, what day the moon round the most?

to answer this question, to start with the location of the relationship between the sun, the moon and the earth.

hangzhou high TianWenShe Lin Lan said the teacher, the most complete bright moon, the earth is directly between the moon and the sun, the moon is the sun side of all toward earth, so look like a full moon was from the earth. In our country, the full moon also called & other; Hope & throughout; . And when the moon is located between the earth and the sun, dark side completely on the earth, is can’t see the moon in the sky, this in the lunar calendar is called & other; New moon & throughout; .

if the moon orbit around the earth is round, maintain uniform speed, too, so the length of each lunar month is the same. The cause of the full moon late, it is caused by the moon around the earth orbit velocity is not constant, because of the gravity, the moon from the earth close go faster, when far walk very slowly. In addition to gravity, and several factors interfere with the speed of the moon’s orbit around the earth. In short, if the moon in the half month & other; Throughout the accurate & walking; And the location of the lunar 15 will arrive at the full moon; If go slower, will & other; Late & throughout; , in 16 or 17 arrived at the position of the moon, produce & other; 15 does not reach the designated position & throughout; In the case.

this year Mid-Autumn festival

full moon appears in 19 points before 11 am

in general, from & other; New moon & throughout; To & other; New moon & throughout; Or from & other; Hope & throughout; To & other; Hope & throughout; Experienced, average period is 29.53 days, the longest and the shortest cycle are 13 hours apart. If & other; Hope & throughout; The moon before & other; Steps & throughout; Slowly, from & other; New moon & throughout; To & other; Hope & throughout; May 16 ~ 17 days to go, so there will be a & other; 15 16 round the moon, or even throughout the 17th round &; . So & other; Hope & throughout; In the lunar calendar 15, 16 and 17 are normal, the lunar July 10 in recent years has seen the most round situation & ndash; & ndash; Do you remember this year on February 5th, yuan snack, the month is 17, the lunar moon did reach a state of the round.

this year the Mid-Autumn festival, in the half a month before the foot path of the moon is accurate, so the most round just before the lunar August 15. Astronomers said that this year the Mid-Autumn festival this time round full moon on the circle, is Beijing time at 11 o ‘clock on Sept. 30, 19 points, for our country is during the day, but at night the moon is round, the naked eye to see if the difference is not big.

have cold air strikes on Friday

but does not affect the moon

in general, the full moon or the number of late, 26 years from 1987 to 2012, the Mid-Autumn moon & in more other 16 round & throughout; , a total of 14 times, & other; Fifteen round & throughout; The number of nine times.

in addition, this year the Mid-Autumn moon is larger than the previous two years. Famous astronomer zhao heng said that this year the Mid-Autumn festival on the day of the full moon ShiYue distance of 395500 km, a little farther than the average distance of 384400 kilometers, is a medium to small and large, but is bigger than the first two years of & ndash; & ndash; In 2011, there have been the smallest harvest moon. Last time the biggest harvest moon appear in 1997, and the next biggest harvest moon until 2015.

the timing for astronomy to admire the moon Mid-Autumn festival this year is pretty good, but will have bad weather to sweep your interest? Provincial meteorological observatory said that the weather should be narrowly missed the Mid-Autumn festival, began to have a cold air will influence on Friday, in a dry and cold air, is not it will rain, cloud also not many, so not covered in the Mid-Autumn moon.

the typhoon Gerald China has promoted the strongest typhoon of this year, it now seems to also won’t cause too big effect when the Mid-Autumn festival.