“The moon represents my heart” songwriter wong qingxi died At the age of 76

weng qingxi.

according to Taiwan media reports, write a meaningful song “the moon represents my heart” “small town story” in the south China sea girl “and other songs of weng qingxi, died from as early as in August last year, families always low-key not confirm, until a march documentary workers wanted to use his work, without hesitation, just know weng qingxi, has died at the age of 76.

weng qingxi period known as the 1960 s, the stars will be music, the godfather of Teresa teng’s “small town story”, “the moon represents my heart” and so on more than a violin from his hand, and the other as “god”, “big eyes” and so on is also his classic creation. Weng qingxi Ceng Heli singing a copyright lawsuit, after nearly five years of lawsuits, finally legal has its own copyright 157 songs, when he had said: & other; We this generation doesn’t like jay Chou can make a lot of money, I just want to back the copyright to wife, leave something to her. Throughout the &; “Liberty times” report, weng qingxi died in August last year, will work rights and interests of the whole to Mrs. Chen Lihua inheritance.

weng qingxi biography:

weng qingxi, stage name & other; Tony & throughout; . 16 years old started to work in the music, won a 10th golden melody awards & other; Special award & throughout; . Weng qingxi was a self-taught music legend. Weng qingxi life creation of more than five hundred best-selling pop songs, adaptation of tens of thousands of songs, regardless of the number quality are quite striking. His works like his true name, like a stream, has a long history, pure and fresh and meaningful, especially his song, tie-in ZhuangNu lyrics, coupled with meticulous Teresa teng singing, popular in the Chinese around the world. He created “the moon represents my heart”, has become indispensable to the love of men and women love ballads, every year earn tens of millions of royalties for him; “Small town story” created in the middle of Teresa teng singing career peak. Wen figure according to netease entertainment