The mystery of the Mona Lisa smile is expected to be announced Prototype bones unearthed (FIG.)

mystery of the Mona Lisa is expected to unveil

one of the world’s most famous painting that woman in the Mona Lisa smile what is hidden behind the secret? This has been a great mysteries of the art world. Now the Italian art historians and archaeologists think, they are about to unravel the mystery, because they have found that may be to the famous artist leonardo & middot; Da & middot; Finch as a model of the bones of the woman.

according to the record, Florentine silk merchant francesco & middot; Dell & middot; Come to the second wife lisa & middot; Gherardini died, was buried in st. Ursula convent, after a few empty joy, now the team says that they have found the remains of the lady. Before the TV producer Havana, hill & middot; Vacanti is head of the team, they tried to dig out the gherardini’s remains, and sent them to Italian and foreign universities, by her two Cousins with has confirmed that the DNA results of comparison, determine the bones are dug out of her. If confirmed, the researchers will be able to recover gherardini.

vacanti says: & other; Once we determine these bones is gherardini, we will be able to recover her facial features, a margin of error is only 2% to 2%. By doing so, we will eventually be able to answer the art historian unanswerable questions, break up & middot; Vinci’s model. Throughout the &; About the 77 cm & times; 52 cm picture of controversy has lasted for a century, most of the prototype of the modern historians in favor of the Mona Lisa is lisa & middot; Gherardini’s point of view, gherardini after her husband died, she became a nun. On July 15, 1542 in saint Ursula convent, died at the age of 63.

an archaeological team began last year in the abandoned saint Ursula convent of excavations. First they have to dig out a thick layer of concrete surface, because before that, here to build a barracks.

they knock on the door of success, soon found a considered gherardini final resting place of the cellar, then soon dug a female the size of the skull. The skull is under the ground of saint Ursula convent initially found about 5 feet (1.52 meters), were found with many other human ribs and vertebrae. Because of insufficient funds, the team continued to explore the project was suspended, but their earlier this year to start the work again, and found the bones of the above mentioned.

now they have found many skeletons, but the team says that the latest discovery is the result of their long-awaited. They remove 1 foot (0.30 meters) thick modern concrete, remove the ancient floor tile after a 90 cm wide, initially found. Professor vacanti at AD said: when a discovery & other; This is an exciting new development, the findings are in conformity with our records and our initial research. We found this cellar, in which the records mentioned in 1495, through a fireplace and linked to the stairs into the cellar. We also learned from these records, here in 1625 and had a second cellar, we have found one. Throughout the &;

also present at the excavations natalia & middot; The ancient believed & middot; Rhodes, she is the close relatives gherardini, prince Charles and former British prime minister Tony & middot; Mr Blair’s close friends. To discover its skull, “she said after & other; Here is so exciting, I didn’t think I’ll be so excited. I’m sure this is lisa & middot; Gherardini’s final resting place. Throughout the &; This is not the first time vacanti work in using these methods. Last year, he used a similar method to find and identify another Renaissance art master caravaggio bones.

News background

gherardini is a prototype? Controversy continued for centuries

the Mona Lisa is one of the French government has wood paintings, the portrait is well known, it is considered the world’s most famous paintings. About the 77 cm & times; 52 cm picture of controversy has lasted for a century. Most modern historians favor is the prototype of the Mona Lisa gherardini’s point of view, however, people can not be sure now hanging in the painting in the Louvre in Paris is to her. Also some people think that the Mona Lisa’s famous smile was later added, a prototype can be up to & middot; Vinci’s assistant card rorty for a long time, according to rumor also & middot; Vinci’s lover. Other art historians believe that the Mona Lisa is actually a picture of a master self-portrait.

da & middot; Vinci in under the influence of humanistic thought, expression of feelings. On the composition, da & middot; Vinci changed the past portrait when the bust or side by the habit of chest, replacing them with positive bust composition, perspective point rise slightly, the composition of a pyramid, the Mona Lisa is a more dignified, calm and steady. In addition, the Mona Lisa’s hands soft, precise, plump, shows her gentleness and identity and class status. In addition the Mona Lisa’s eyebrows disappeared due to chemical reactions, has the blue sky in the background.

500 years, people have been to the “Mona Lisa” mysterious smile. Different viewers or at different times to see, feel seems to be different. Sometimes feel happy laughter, tender, sometimes seem to be serious, sometimes like a slightly with grief, and sometimes even show the ci and banter. In a painting, unlike in sculpture, the change of light can’t much difference. But in the Mona Lisa’s face, pale shadow, as her eyes and lips covered with a layer of the veil. And people smile in canthus and corners of the mouth, da & middot; Vinci was partial draw these parts of looms, there is no clear boundary, so just can have this is unpredictable & other; The mysterious smile & throughout; . A university of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, application & other; Emotion recognition software & throughout; Analysis of the Mona Lisa smile contains the content and scale: happy, 83% of 9%, 6%, fear anger by 2%.

& other; The Mona Lisa & throughout; The legend of & other; Throughout life &;


“Mona Lisa” for the last time to go abroad, the national museum in Tokyo and Moscow’s pushkin museum.


“Mona Lisa” the national gallery of art in Washington, dc and New York’s metropolitan museum of art.


someone threw acid at the Mona Lisa, the lower part of the picture is damaged, the repair work related lasted for years. The Louvre museum staff by technical means to in addition to some of the old blotch on the painting, which is considered to have damage of painting itself.


on December 31, the Mona Lisa was returned to the Louvre museum in Paris.

“Mona Lisa” exhibition tour in Italy in December.

on December 11, The robbers tried to sell the Mona Lisa Florence’s uffizi gallery, was arrested last so, managed the Mona Lisa.


on August 21, the Mona Lisa in the Louvre stolen.


the Mona Lisa has been in place for a long time later, please & ndash; & ndash; The Louvre museum in Paris.


“Mona Lisa” fall into the hand of napoleon, napoleon hang the paintings on his own in the bedroom.


the French revolution began, the Mona Lisa is hidden in the warehouse have escaped the plunder.

In the 1530 s

francois I in Fontainebleau palace into a gallery to show for the first time the Mona Lisa.


67 – year – old da & middot; Vinci ember tile city died in France, “Mona Lisa” for the king francois I bought.


da & middot; Finch at the invitation of the French king francois I moved to France, “Mona Lisa” with him.


“Mona Lisa” creation is complete.


da & middot; Vinci began writing the Mona Lisa.