The net friend to meet the new century’s “two” day popular “made 2 day”

on February 22, 2012 Netizens said it for 10 years the most & other; 2 & throughout; Day

& other; 2 & throughout; Originally is a very simple Numbers, but in daily life, others use & other 2 & throughout; To describe a person stupid or reckless. As & other; 2 & throughout; In everyday speech frequency increased, & other 2 & throughout; The meaning of a layer of more lovely. Today is February 22, 2012, in the seven figures 5 & other; 2 & throughout; . Therefore, someone put on February 22, 2012, one of the most 2 days this decade, called & other; Make section 2 & throughout; , ready to be silly, today, some usually do not dare not to do.

five of seven digits 2, today is the day when 10 years the most 2

on February 22, 2012 in a year, this is a very ordinary day. Is not the same, in the day’s date, a total of seven Numbers, there are five number is 2. This date, in addition to a decade ago (February 22, 2002) appeared once, and after ten years (February 22, 2022), before and after 20 years, to date no more than today & other; 2 & throughout; A. Therefore, today many people called & other; Make section 2 & throughout; .

since be & other; Make section 2 & throughout; And to do some comparison & other nature; 2 & throughout; Things, then do what thing is what & other 2 & throughout; ? Yesterday reporter through various ways, such as, phone, do a simple survey, found that although most of the originally took no notice of this special day, but after reporters, many people said they would do some meaningful things in the day. Someone ready to take the day as valentine’s day came, some fear that jinx things would not go out, even in the QQ chat group organization 2 game to see who is more, in memory of those & other; 2 & throughout; Things & hellip; & hellip;

romantic: & other; Give his girlfriend 22 roses as to have a valentine’s day & throughout;

Yang Shuo is a senior student of yangzhou university institute of physical education, yesterday afternoon, reporters found him, he is busy sorting materials of the graduation thesis. & other; Too busy, no time to play. Throughout the &; Xiao Yang told reporters, near graduation, there are a lot of things to deal with, only one thing to look for a job, have made him giddy, don’t mind to think of other things. Therefore, when reporters asked him what day is tomorrow, he shocked, leng along while also didn’t want to come out.

when a reporter told him tomorrow is on February 22, 2012, xiao Yang first one leng, then a clap a thigh to laugh. & other; This is what

& lsquo; Make section 2 & rsquo; Oh, is this valentine’s day. Throughout the &; Xiao Yang tells a reporter, because this paragraph of time is too busy, they have not a good local guide, has been a girlfriend. Even a few days before the last valentine’s day, have also been left him outside the cloud nine. To that end, he has been somewhat guilty in heart. Now, after a reporter remind, he suddenly thought of a very romantic idea, is in tomorrow at 2 PM 22 points, give girlfriend 22 roses, to make up for it.

& other; 2 not is love, so rare days, must be caught. Throughout the &; Xiao Yang told reporters, & other; 2 & throughout; In addition to a silly and leng, also and & other Love & throughout; Words, so many & other; Love & throughout; The dates of the at the same time natural rare, therefore, he is going to 22 points, 2 o ‘clock this afternoon to send his girlfriend 22 roses, and his girlfriend to again a romantic & other; Valentine’s day & throughout; .

optimist: & other; Make section 2 & throughout; In memory of & other; 2 & throughout; What

& other; When I was young once with his hand to catch a stop on the bee on the flower, want to eat the honey bee and give off. Throughout the &; & other; When I was a little boy, I has a crush on a girl, and then a full two weeks didn’t eat snacks, ready to save money to buy a pack of tang’s monk meat to that girl, when I pay only to find that, trouser missed, as a result, the snack granny buckle at the edge of the stall to stand along while, and then by the teacher for asking, penalty crouched outside for half an hour stance. Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip; These are called & other; Belong to our time & throughout; The net friend in the QQ group chat records, everyone in the group in their past & other 2 & throughout; , group manager & other; Memory chips & throughout; To tell a reporter, this is the group for & other; Make section 2 & throughout; Carefully prepared activities & ndash; & ndash; Bibi who most 2.

& other; Very fun, very interesting, it is also very easy. Throughout the &; In the QQ group, a & other; Throughout countless happy &; Internet to tell a reporter, everyone is busy with work at ordinary times, a lot of pressure, now in the group of in memory of those interesting things, spirit relaxed. In addition, a called & other; Give me a cigarette & throughout; Internet users, according to their found inspiration from everybody’s chat, ready to borrow & other; Make section 2 & throughout; The title of the presents to the girl I love, success will say & other; Love & throughout; Are linked together, the failure, just say make & other; 2 & throughout; To prevaricate.