The new generation of director zhang wei introduced “a person’s shadow play” (FIG.)

Beijing, April 26 (xinhua) film, a person’s shadow play “25, made its debut on the international film festival in Beijing. Film, directed by the new generation of director zhang wei, li, ya-jun wang, Zhou Lean (France), etc.

the film directed by zhang wei “Beijing grassland” has won & other; G guest G & throughout; Best drama award. On the 25th attend activities on the same day, “a person’s shadow play” published the first poster at the same time. Because of the shadow play performances at the performers after the curtain operation shadow play with both hands, so the poster inspiration comes from this.

from & other; Fool & throughout; To return to self To explore the traditional culture survival plight

“a person’s shadow play” tells the story of life in the quiet qian-li ma small mountain village of shadow play, after playing with a lifetime shadow play, already forgotten shadow play capability, as only be free and at leisure entertaining. Can suddenly to a group headed by a professor at the university of people to examine non-material cultural heritage, and thinks that his own shadow play can declare, the Frenchman to take his feature films, plus can bring benefits to the village again, also will be someone to learn this has long been neglected shadow play workmanship, never thought I this thing is also a culture, others please yourself to university lectures, said he is a teacher, is an artist. At this moment qian-li ma is no longer the amiable old man, he really think of yourself as the great artist. Along with the advancement of the story, hidden deep in the qian-li ma in human nature that kind of stupid and wild fame heart once awakened will show in front of an audience, terrible has experienced a series of stumbling from countryside to city, one of the burst, not earn money, not out of the, by many in the cold and shame, instead qian-li ma value and began to suspect that shadow play what? Meaning of shadow play so alive? To this film, the director has his own idea thoroughly, which is under the background of today’s culture, how to make the traditional culture continue to survive, and not get lost in the flow of economic benefits.

director zhang wei appealed for more humanistic care “a person’s shadow play” desire to no longer lonely

at the screening unit, Beijing will focus on screening 62 domestic film, there is no lack of among them “previous”, “will love through to the end”, “new shaolin temple”, “tough guy 2” commercial, etc. And “a person’s shadow play” without any commercial stunt, emphasizes under the impact of modern civilization, shadow play the dilemma facing the traditional culture and heritage, its unique humanistic care is thought-provoking. For the film, the director zhang wei’s sole purpose is through the film reflects the traditional Chinese culture into decline of sorrow. & other; Traditional culture were replaced by a modern film and modern entertainment, it may be more or less will cause some reflection of the people. This may well be telling a rural old actor, under the temptation of money and fame are & lsquo; Fool & rsquo; In the story. This may well be telling a hero from this I, ego to the story of my evolution. Maybe it doesn’t mean he has his own, which may have the shadow of each one of us. Throughout the &; Director zhang wei such interpretation of his films.

in addition to discuss the dilemma of shadow play, “a person’s shadow play” also shows the landscape of the big beautiful shadow play and the production process, the making craft of shadow play is extremely complex, go through material, sculpture, color, note, painting process, make very fastidious, therefore is also valuable. The use of the film through the lens, the fine for the audience to show set the paper-cut, window, door painting, arts and crafts, sculpture, traditional performance (e.g., local opera, cross talk, music, etc.) integrated charm. In the film, the traditional shadow play “shigandang of classical aria, which always make the audience really grasp the unique charm of the traditional culture.