The north temple sites into the university entrance exam wishing wall wall is inscribed “must be admitted to Peking University”

queuing to enter the campus of Peking University, tsinghua university, in the unnamed lake, shuimu tsinghua pose & hellip; & hellip; Summer, reporter noticed that, Beijing university, tsinghua university and other famous universities in the colleges and universities has been heating up in advance. For some visitors talking loudly in the campus, and even the phenomenon of lettering as a souvenir, security organs called for the two schools, colleges and universities is not scenic area, please visit civilization.

on Saturday, the reporter sees in the northeast gate of Beijing university, a group of students in school uniform lined up, ready to registration enrolled after the visit. Led the teacher to tell a reporter, they come from hebei cpmpany county the third middle school, the specially take the student to feel the atmosphere of famous universities, & other; Encourage them to go back to work harder to learn later. Throughout the &; Reporter noticed that after entering the campus, the students or discussion, or a photo, and led & other; Throughout the guide &; Is constantly remind: here is the university, please do not noisy, quietly feel the breath of the north.

are collective to visit and more & other Individual Tours throughout the &; . At tsinghua university, tsinghua school, shuimu tsinghua, lotus pond, visitors can be seen everywhere. From tianjin yu with the high school children visit the tsinghua university, said his biggest wish is children can get in tsinghua university, and other Around for a while and take him to the district. Throughout the &; Reporter noticed that almost all & other; Throughout college swim &; Visitors will visit districts. Some people enter the classroom building still talking loudly, let is entering the final tension to review some of the college students is helpless, a lot of people complain: & other; Teaching building into scenic spots, regardless of pipe security? Throughout the &;

is not only a loud, more someone left his after visiting & other; Calligraphy & throughout; . Walked north south temple, fly up the eaves, carved stone arch, antique buildings, attracted many visitors stop here. There is also a national key cultural relics protection units & ndash; & ndash; Walked together an important part of the building, but the temple not only carved on the wall & other; Love & times; & times; Throughout the &; The declaration of love, and & other; Must be admitted to Peking University & throughout; , & other I will come to you of Peking University & throughout; , & other Wish & times; & times; Can get in Peking University & throughout; Wishing graffiti, even two meters tall arch roof door inside are not immune to the above the handwriting include chalk, pen and black pen, even using the white white.

department of Peking University, tsinghua university to defend the staff told reporters that there will be a large number of visitors from entering into the annual summer. The two schools shall practise a system of collective tour booking, visit in approved appointment will remind enrolled to civilization, civilization, the organizer of the visit. & other; We appeal to visitors, all colleges and universities is not scenic spot, do not interfere with the normal students, not to leave the so-called & lsquo; Calligraphy & rsquo; . Throughout the &; (reporter aerial)