The old carpenter infatuated with in The Three Kingdoms made “MuNiu LiuMa” carrying 200 jins of wax gourd into the city

CongYang old carpenter build MuNiu LiuMa

zhuge liang in the romance of The Three Kingdoms & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; The famous. Due to its manufacturing technology has already been lost, become a mystery of the Chinese ancient history. Recovery & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; Also became the goal of the three fans and skillful craftsman. Recently, a 65 – year – old carpenter, zongyang had made a & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; And filled with more than 200 jin of wax gourd & other Walking & throughout; 2 kilometers to the town.

【 MuNiu LiuMa 】

interesting look & other; Strength & throughout; Really not small

is the 65 – year – old zhang sanbao zongyang port bridge town even lake village, the local famous traditional carpenter.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to zhang sanbao home, many villagers are built around see him & other MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; .

this & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; All made of wood, the front is a wooden horse, in the middle is a big box of goods, the following is a wheel alone, about 60 cm in diameter is enclosed and four horse leg, with small wooden wheel in the back there are two long handle, wooden cane is installed in the center to the brakes. Picture the sanbao children sit up, push gently picked up the wooden handle, & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; Walk like a horse.

a treble, said on August 14, he also use this & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; Installed more than 200 jins of wax gourd, from the road in front of the house on the 2 km CongYang county, attracted many people stop to watch.

he said, his this & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; 70 kg, cargo packing length 122 cm, 72 cm wide, high 55 cm, weight 300 kilograms, simple structure, less material, and durable easy maintenance, and other Can completely meet the need of the shu han transport hay & throughout; .

ingenious design uphill smallest

the sanbao said, he looked at a lot of relevant & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; The design of the data, and according to the actual production and life experience, and did more than 40 years carpenter’s intuition, its design goal should be through the lever principle, make the goods more provinces, meet the potholed road can also be easily in the past.

he design & other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; Really is ingenious, lies in the advantage when weight-bearing climbing, horsehead is heavier, and the horse and four with a small wooden wheel bag together, as long as the car, before and after the horse is in motion, and drive the clues, produce certain inertia, drives the wheels to walk forward.

4 installed the small wooden wheel leg two centimeters shorter than alone in the middle of the wheel, mainly for the balance, if the left is the cliff, can on the right side with small wooden wheel on the right away, meet on the right side of the cliff, to walk on the left. Not only save Labour, and has certain stability and operating convenience.

“behind the story”

infatuated with the three intended for decades

65 – year – old zhang sanbao is one of the few high school students in the 1960 s, in the village in 1967 after graduating from high school, he followed the village a teacher to learn traditional carpentry, for 45 years and is now one of the few local traditional carpentry skills craftsmen. Love to delve into a treble invented breathable health cushion, this year on April 25, also won the national utility model patents.

the sanbao said, love to read romance of The Three Kingdoms, since he was a child of zhuge liang invention & other; The various ge even crossbows & throughout; , & other MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; , has been yearning. & other; Forty years ago, my heart was buried under a copy & lsquo; MuNiu LiuMa & rsquo; The idea of & throughout; .

in early July, zhang saw on TV a triple gem experts introduced the production of three kinds of mainstream MuNiu LiuMa method, & other; Technology is very clever, but I feel is not very practical, materials and the car is not substantial, durable & throughout; .

he decided to make myself a, a round his dream decades of three kingdoms.

to start, the sanbao zhang made prototype warlords terracotta warriors of the Trojan horse sculpture, lasted for a few days, to draw on the wall in the bedroom a & other MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; Design drawings. At the end of July this year, he and other; MuNiu LiuMa & throughout; Finally completed, lasted more than half a month time before and after.

at the end of the interview, zhang old tells a reporter, he will be on the next MuNiu LiuMa further modification, modification of the defects in the parts, such as raising by sex, to improve the braking system, etc. (Yu Fang, Qiao Jian)