The only Chinese architect i. m. pei: rebuild the Louvre (FIG.)

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Washington national gallery east pavilion

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he is good at expressing the power of the abstract, the mysterious working talent into construction quality, refinement, lyrical and beauty makes the light of his buildings full of human nature. Pei, a chinese-american architect, the pritzker prize winner in 1983, has been hailed as a & other; Throughout the last master of modern architecture &; .

a Chinese repairing one of France’s most important construction & ndash; & ndash; The Louvre

as pei, a 64 – year – old French President francois mitterrand invited to Paris to attend the Louvre rebuilt, the Paris by surprise. Pei son BeiZhiZhong memories, & other; French dumbfounded, become angry from embarrassment, shout loudly & lsquo; How to let a Chinese to fix our most important construction & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

pei rebuilt the Louvre museum in Paris in the 14 years, cope with the French public questioning and criticism it took almost two years. Pei said: & other; My translation shaking, almost no way to translate for me I want to reply. Throughout the &;

however, pei, as always, the calm. & other; Criticism is need history, need time, it will be a few decades. Done today, tomorrow he said is not good, so I don’t think there is value of evaluation. Throughout the &;

pei to confident calmly face the toughest test of construction career. His assistant said: & other; I never remember pei when depressed. He is a very calm, every time I see he has maintained that the unique charming smile. Throughout the &;

the French finally accepted the pei napoleon within the courtyard of the glass in the Louvre & other; Pyramid & throughout; . In March 1988, when francois mitterrand in & other; Pyramid & throughout; Awarded the pei in France’s highest medal of honor. & other; Pyramid & throughout; A French new pride, because pei the minimal distance to the past and present.

looked at slowly rising international hotel, his thoughts of school architecture

in 1917, pei was born in guangzhou, is suzhou after the family.

father is one of the founders of the bank of China, Shanghai bund that Chinese unique national character is concise and modern bank of China building is built under the DuZao. The building was built by the south sassoon building (now the peace hotel north tower) the business owner victor & middot; Sassoon, roof shorter than sassoon building 1 foot, about 0.305 meters. Interestingly, the bank of China in 1990, invited pei to build headquarters in Hong Kong, China. When it was built for Asia’s tallest building, the building of the building is just next to the HSBC bank headquarters. HSBC building cost $1 billion, convert into a cost of $600 per square foot, but the bank of China tower in Hong Kong to $20 per square foot of cost, not only in height, on the degree of structural beauty, more on the economic cost value beyond it.

of course, in the bank of China building built in 1928, the bund, pei was just a baby, he spent freely in suzhou lion grove of happy childhood, in 1927 by their parents to the Shanghai ymca middle school reading.

big guangming cinema is the main place to kill time pei middle school. Soon he noticed: & other; Beside the table tennis hall and the cinema is a building under construction, the somebody else say this building to make 24, but I just don’t believe it. You imagine, surrounding buildings have only 5 layer, 6, 7, 8 layers, and this will have 24! So every weekend I went to see it slowly rise. Throughout the &; Pei is referring to wu tak international hotel design.

the first time, pei has disagreed with on the parents’ expectations: he wants to be an architect, rather than bankers like my father.