The only sun yat-sen with song photo exposure Soong ching ling stone-faced (FIG.)


to bring about this is so far found only a sun yat-sen (left), after the song family photo. (file photo)

(reporter floor by the earthquake) a piece of seal glass film for a long time, is a period of the 20th century’s greatest love. Recently, by a piece in the collection of the soong ching ling, soong ching ling and several members of the family photo of glass plate is announced to the world, because it contains the rich historical data and academic value, has attracted much interest among historians.

The development of the

this is about a foot square glass plate is a few years ago from soong ching ling’s former residence in Shanghai found a cardboard box, the above image faintly visible, around a dozen people. After development clearly see that the middle is the mother of soong ching ling NiGuiZhen, on the left is sun yat-sen soong ching ling, on the right is the couple, kong xiangxi song ailing age right three is unmarried, why people remains to be proven right four women, sit on the floor at the front. Carrying sitting next to him is his son liao chengzhi and he xiangning. In his sister is at the top of the liao chengzhi liao waking up.

this is so far found only a photo there are sun yat-sen in the song dynasty, clearly in this photo sun yat-sen has emerged as the husband and the house of song dynasty’s son-in-law of soong ching ling, therefore in the historiography circle attracted much attention.

from the background of the photos are Christmas trees, this photo was taken during the Christmas season. No son and experts from the photograph from sun yat-sen, kong xiangxi record analysis of the activity, this photo was taken in the son’s death in 1918, sun yat-sen after back to Shanghai, ruled out in 1920 and 1920 years later, that is most likely in 1919. Photo location should be at 29 Molly love road, is the former residence of zhongshan xiangshan road 7 today. Because of sun yat-sen’s former residence decorate today is still at the layout does not move. And they welcome photo studio to the habit of shooting.

relative to ease, soong mei-ling experts from sun yat-sen and soong ching ling dignified expression analysis, soong ching ling was experienced back in Shanghai, guangzhou Chen jiong-ming mutiny due to escape in the process of abortion, the loss of the chance of being a mother. This picture is the recorded experience life and death after the baptism of the party, reflects the family of warmth.

son was very pay attention to use photographs to record the change of the growth of children and family, left many high quality pictures. But had not seen there are sun yat-sen in the song dynasty, on October 25, 1915, sun yat-sen, song qingling married, song home parents once opposed at first, later to be accepted, therefore, although sun yat-sen’s former residence in Shanghai now holds the soong ching ling parents give her dowry & ndash; & ndash; Fujiki furniture and parents wedding clothes, some historians still guessing, sun yat-sen and soong ching ling’s marriage always didn’t get the song family recognition. Now, this rare photos into the light natural broke the rumors.