The origin of the “no three no four” : three symbol overall four auspicious meaning

in Chinese idiom dictionary, & other; No three no four & throughout; Explanation is & other; Description is not decent, not like appearance & throughout; However, China’s number more than three and four, ten Numbers about said & other; No three no four & throughout; Rather than & other; Differ not 2 & throughout; Or & other Don’t five six & throughout; , & other No seven eight & throughout; ?

historical records, the ancients thought day for, for the second, the heavens and the earth together into three. & other; Three & throughout; Not only as a number of concepts, but also as a symbol of the whole things, so that the universe has only three: heaven, earth and people; In heaven there are campaigns: day, month, star, There are three: fuxi, shennong, huangdi; There are Xia Yu, Thomson, king wen of zhou; Among the three Cao Hesan Sue, etc. Xelloss,’s called three cao; Su Xun, su shi, su zhe called three Sue. In addition, there are music is the ancient method called & other; Triassic & throughout; , i.e., when the living museum singing a sentence repeated over and over again, the famous “departure at the fron” for China’s top ten one of the ancient music of violin. In the ancient and modern literature also has many & other; Trilogy & throughout; ; Combination of Chinese characters have sanshui ChengMiao, tying, three products, sanjin into crystalline ChengXin, three days, three Shi Chenglei, etc. There is no lack of words in more & other; Keep good men company & throughout; , & other In the three provinces throughout my body &; , & other Look before you leap & throughout; And so on.

about & other; Four & throughout; This number, ancient meaning contains more comprehensive, gratified, from the meaning of everything (the unevenness flexibly. So have & other; Four & throughout; : the analects of Confucius, universities, the doctrine of the mean, mencius; & other; Four poems & throughout; : his poetry, LuShiShen male shafts, Korea Han Ying time, MAO poetry. In addition, the zen state & other; Four jun & throughout; Taste a gentleman: meng, plain gentleman, spring shen jun, letter ling jun; Legend has four beauties: xi shi, wang zhaojun, the sable cicada, jade bracelet; During this period, yuanqu four big house: Zheng Guangzu, white stinkwood, Ma Zhiyuan; Four have & other; Treasures & throughout; : paper, ink, pens, inkstone; Scholars have & other; Four arts & throughout; : piano, chess, books, paintings. All in all, more than the ancients regard & other; Four & throughout; For the auspicious and contentment.

as a result, people will be those who are not decent, shady tree as & other; No three no four & throughout; . Shy naih-an in Ming dynasty is in its “shuihu complete biography” the seventh to ever use this idiom: & other; The gang no three no four, and will not come near, are to Dian cudgel. Throughout the &;