The original museum staff group as “division” grave 3 years’ 30

writing in jiangsu temple mountain, 2150 years ago, is one of the largest MuGuo in the western han dynasty tombs in jiangsu. In may this year, the state council announced the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units, yizheng temple mountain writing corporation is one of its top. Many people may not know, just four years ago, this & other; The bartender & throughout; Encountered grave robbers sabotaged, tomb relics in nearly been looted. Recently, the disclosure of jiangsu police solve the super-large tomb-raiding details at that time.

late at night, the top of the mountain was shaking

temple mountain is located in yizheng city new town in writing, 18 meters wide from east to west, north and south is 32 meters long and show & other Product & throughout; The font. Temple around the mountain, is the new town temple mountain village.

in January, 2009, the villagers are busy Chinese New Year, a strange thing happened. Several villagers see, for days, whenever the dead of night, dark will figure the narrowest of the top of the mountain, in the wind, like a ghost floating, occasional red light, or a muffled thunder rolled & hellip; & hellip;

by year in March, temple village organization garrick, on the top of the mountain, see the shocked: 3 is triangular bottomless hole is arranged at the top of the mountain, the hole and the hole between 5 to 9 meters apart, each hole are made of wood, rain wear, snakeskin pocket cover, open cover, in black hole for goodness, one eye can’t see the bottom.

& other; And someone steal dug tomb! Throughout the &; The villagers called the police.

MuZhuRen identity is not generally

police rushed to the scene, saw three taps of 60 cm in diameter. Get through to the tomb taps? What state tomb inside? Cultural relics have lost? To figure out, you must down to steal hole.

& other; I go to, I’m small, experience rich, than you give me the camera. Throughout the &; Then yizheng city public security bureau Interpol battalion battalion chief huang volunteered as long, he had two consecutive terms & other by public security department of jiangsu province; Trace test expert & throughout; .

after half an hour, yellow as long like a clay figurine came up, he came back in the video, according to three taps all through underground chamber, one of them has been deep in the main chamber, there are ten meters deep. When the scene changes to the northwest corner of stolen at the bottom of the pit, a knowledgeable person exclaimed: & other; Yellow bowel gather together! Throughout the &;

the so-called & other; Yellow bowel problem up & throughout; , it is actually a burial form unique to the western han dynasty, only were level of human vassal king or queen, to enjoy the treatment.

there is no doubt that the tomb owner identity is very high, the tomb in the number of cultural relics. Video shows, however, the main chamber within 12 side compartments, 11 were looted, a collapsed due to the burial chamber, not into the story.

yellow as long judgment, grave robbers equipment is advanced, means very professional, and laid hands on him, steady and exact, should be an organized professional groups.

a group of crazy & other; Touch the gold a captain & throughout;

yizheng police then established corporation & other; 3 & middot; 13 temple mountain theft of writing & throughout; Some crack. Through the investigation, a large grave robbery gang emerged. Amid rising quickly control the dormant in yangzhou ryu mistress luo, and Chen has ever worked in Shanghai museum, people made a living by selling cultural relics of shanxi yuncheng ma, etc.

The first action

& other; Not technology & throughout; , the harvest is

the TuShen, a collection of excavating, sell, transport, harbor, smuggling, etc into a professional grave robbery gang emerged.

the head of the gang was originally surnamed wu, zhejiang people. But his only junior high school culture, & other; Throughout career &; Early, when he learned that the history of yangzhou have remains many imperial palace mausoleum, and prey. In April 2006, Wu Mou met & other; The sea & throughout; , the two men conspired to agree on: funded by wu, & other; The sea & throughout; Prison staff. In order to change money to dig the treasure of the tomb, & other; The sea & throughout; Specially invited a gang leader now a tan, and ryu, zhang and others.

the first time, by Wu Mou led, they went to yangzhou city oasis town, digging the oasis mountain group, one of the ancient writing, writing but the excavating harvest is not big. After Wu Mou and & other The sea & throughout; , a tan and others go their separate ways.

find down

in the antique market find & other; Experts & throughout;

after the heart has unwilling & other; The sea & throughout; Want to understand one thing: tomb-raiding no technology can’t. In the days that followed, & other; The sea & throughout; Intentionally or not, always go to the antique market, here, he met the original work in the Shanghai museum of XXL and selling cultural relics such as ma.

have a good study of ancient relics, by stolen relics of XXL peremptory a knowledgeable scholar. Under his guidance, & other; The sea & throughout; And they tied to one such as tan oasis mountain group of ancient writing, writing with TaoFang 1 pieces, lacquer ware vase 1 only.

after taste, & other; The sea & throughout; In the face of the police investigation, backed out, a tan is more crazy. & other; The sea & throughout; Quit, he became the head of the grave robbery gang, in XXL & other; Experts & throughout; Under the guidance of crime all around.

crime spree

3 years more than 30 tomb-raiding have

in May 2007, tan et al. Whoever excavates ancient writing 2, with 3 car gold-rimmed nanmu coffin plate, a distribution model of RMB 19000 yuan; In June 2007, whoever excavates ancient writing 3, with the gold-rimmed nanmu coffin plate 1 car, have to sell 70000 yuan, with the belt 1 a, 1 to blunt teeth, and subsequently gain of 40000 yuan & hellip; & hellip; From April 2006 to January 2006, tan a 16 people whoever excavates ancient tombs 12 times successively, such as to sell 2.28 million yuan. Tan and others were arrested after, amid the censored, 27, has dug XXL equivalent cracking to solve d Yang town, HanJiang oasis town, xuyi yunshan, places such as shandong j excavating ancient tombs case more than 20 cases, stands at more than 700 ten thousand yuan.

at present, the grave robbery gang members have received a just punishment.