The photographer Zhang Haier best Chinese cities: fashion show model and clay farmers

Zhang Haier: living city

article mango illustrated Zhou Lingfeng

a lot of people will not think of, the importance of the history of photography in China in 1988.

in 1988 is the year of China photography to the international stage to shine. That year, the first time a Chinese photography competition award, China photographers exhibited in Taiwan’s first film festival; That year, filming “the angel of the road” the father of Chinese photography, yinxian wu led a group of young Chinese photographers came to the world-famous the 19th arles international photography festival.

Zhang Haier is the one of a group of young photographers. Like Zhang Haier said & other; A photographed the angel of the road, he again how, for me is important & throughout; . His work was an instant hit in the photography festival, then joined the French famous visual images, and then in China and France photography to fame.

Zhang Haier works – change the model in Couture Mixte backstage, private residence in Paris, 2001

& other; Zhang documentary style throughout the &;

in 1982, graduated from department of Shanghai theater academy stage after a few years, Zhang Haier didn’t do his old job back. Three years later, he was admitted to the oil painting graduate student of guangzhou academy of fine arts, he is widely found in the library was the world’s most beautiful fire photography masters klein et al., picture album, and then fell in love with photography, and from now on in photography.

now Zhang Haier has is the character of Chinese photography must carry, no matter whether you love photography, Zhang Haier film is wonderful. You shouldn’t miss Photography critic to his tone is: break through the gender colour box with reality, all of his subjects are documentary, and fashion of life, but not limited to these topics. No one would have thought that he is employed in the “new weekly” chief photographer for more than ten years, also quietly took a French parade for more than ten years.