The preface to lanting collection of authentic whereabouts mystery: funerary Li Zhi the qian tomb (FIG.)

the riddle of history’s most influential culture, is the real wang xizhi’s calligraphy the whereabouts of the preface to lanting collection.

jose emperor of the eastern yonghe grade nine years (353) march, wang xizhi and Xie An, Sun Chao 41 people, and gathering the outskirts of mere records pulled lanting is famous, 41, 26 people chanting songs and poetry collection, for “lanting collection”, wang xizhi manuscript writing prefaces, yue the preface to lanting collection. Sequence of lanting around the joy of love, the beauty of the landscape and party expresses the people’s life and death, shortening with sigh.

the preface to lanting set full text line 28, 324 words, throughout Qiu flatters elegant, every word, charmed life. As of 20 & other; Throughout the &; The words, are all the same, as the history of Chinese calligraphy art. After his rewriting, than the usual work, by all previous dynasties ShuJie as a gourmet. Song dynasty calligraphy everyone MiFei called & other; Throughout the Chinese script, first post &; , however, is this & other; The more expensive group, ancient and modern mo two & throughout; Calligraphy of the acura, until now, its whereabouts is still uncertain, is not sorry.


He Yan once said, “lanting” of military strategy on account of calligraphy, especially love & other; Holy book & throughout; Wang xizhi’s calligraphy, using his emperor to, search of wang xizhi’s calligraphy widely in the world.

although the collections of wang xizhi ink, which also have the preface to lanting collection, but always not found wang xizhi true copies of the preface to lanting collection. As a prince, but can’t get the power of the rare treasures, and emperor taizong every thought of this, he looks blue.

it turns out that wang xizhi cherish myself & other; God & throughout; The preface to lanting collection and keep it carefully and take it as a family heirloom, Sun Zhiyong has spread to his seventh generation.

ZhiYongNian centenarians is final, before his death will be the preface to lanting collection to the disciples to the monk. Distinguishes the only monk to calligraphy is very good also, he knows the value of the preface to lanting collection, collection in the bedroom it specially hewn a hole in the beam.

when the account that the preface to lanting collection after distinguishing the monk there just excited, sent for many times, only discernible monk always say I do not know real whereabouts. Account see stubbornly failed, then changed to outwit, he sent his supervisory suggestion Xiao Yi dressed as a scholar shape, to cause to close, looking to get the preface to lanting collection. Xiao Yi of calligraphy is very good also, and distinguishes the monk talked very speculative. After two people close to the Xiao Yi deliberately took out a few pieces of wang xizhi’s calligraphy works for distinguishing the monk. To look after, said disapprovingly, & other; Really is true, but it is not good, I have a real, that’s what wang xizhi real treasure handed down from ancient times. Throughout the &;

Xiao Yi with understand dissimulation, quietly asked what posts, to hesitate, mysteriously tell him is the preface to lanting collection of authentic. Bian to see Xiao Yi not letter, decided to let him open eyes, taking it from inside the hole in the roof the preface to lanting collection of authentic Xiao Yi watch.

& have spent

Xiao Yi looked at carefully, really is the preface to lanting collection of authentic. See his face a change, immediately be included in the sleeves, at the same time to tell just show me the relevant & other; Letters & throughout; . Just now you’ll know when, but has been late to regret.

dream things finally got its day. On account of wang xizhi calligraphy asiatics, edict to serve in the palace Zhao Mo book, Han Daozheng, Feng Chengsu, ZhuGeZhen four people, such as the extension number, to give the crown prince and you nearly, the prince and when this & other; Under the original first class & throughout; Copy & also the other; Sprung up throughout the &; . In addition, there are running-penmanship melts former people, b and YuShiNa men handed down in this.

so, emperor taizong died, wang xizhi of the preface to lanting collection of authentic then where?

historical records: the preface to lanting set in the account in the testamentary edict to pillow under the head. That is to say, the baby should be in zhaoling (emperor taizong’s tomb). The warlord WenTao wudai dynasties northern shaanxi guanzhong during our time in office, zhaoling stolen. Through the records: & other; Seven years, in the town of tang emperor mausoleum in its territory, the excavation of, take its hidden Campbell. Throughout the &; On account of zhaoling nature. Tomb raiders into zhaoling dungeons, see the building and interior HongLi, just like chang an imperial palace. Tomb is in the middle of emperor taizong is bedroom, the bed placed Shi Han, open the Shi Han, hidden within the iron box. Iron box filled with its rare books in the collection of the calligraphy and painting, one of the most valuable when pushed the three great calligrapher zhong yao and eastern jin calligrapher wang xizhi’s original. Open on see, paper and ink are like more than two hundred years ago. These rare treasures, are all WenTao take out, but so far thousands of years missing, who also don’t know where do these treasures.

but in WenTao write list of unearthed artifacts, but not the preface to lanting set, and then also have never seen an original and any collection of records. Some historians believe that WenTao they hastily jump, not comprehensive, carefully clean up, so the real are likely to remain hidden Yu Zhao mausoleum chamber a hidden place more.

with the story of another, that is the preface to lanting set and not with its buried into zhaoling, but buried in the tang dynasty tomb of the emperor Li Zhi the qian tomb. Take this view of the people think: emperor taizong died, did not put forward to the preface to lanting set structures, but the preface to lanting set to the same love Li Zhi son of artworks.