The puppy was born weighing only 45 g didn’t phone Would like to apply for the guinness book of records (FIG.)

surita wails the dog did not an ordinary mobile phone.

Beijing, oct 20 (Reuters) according to foreign media reports on the 19th, a live in Poland puppy surita wails are expected to win & other; Throughout the world’s smallest dog &; Crown. Surita wails birth weigh only 45 grams, after 3 months only 6 cm high, not even an ordinary mobile phone.

surita wails owner said, she hopes that the dog can be included in the guinness book of world records. Surita wails now only about 100 grams of weight, the doctor think it is hard to break through. & other; It just seems so small at birth, no one thinks it can survive. Throughout the &; Surita wails owner Anna said, & other; It’s a lovely little thing now, but when you sit down or walk all need to be very careful. Throughout the &;

it is understood that the current is the smallest dog in the world from the state of Kentucky a dog called cloth cloth. Surita wails to successfully break the guinness book of world records, it needs with cloth cloth and the other a weighing only 170 grams of dog competition & ndash; & ndash; If it before one year old weight no longer has great changes.

surita wails and the height of the bottle of nail polish.