The qing dynasty appeared class “re-education” institutions Yang Naiwu had been imprisoned

the reeducation through labor system in our country, generally considered to be in the 1950 s & other; Throughout the former Soviet union import &; . In historical records, in the qing dynasty in China have similar & other RTL system & throughout; , especially for years & other; Moved by good & throughout; And more & other; Reeducation through labor & throughout; And & other Labor & throughout; Color.

at the time, in the early & other; Moved by good & throughout; , held by the scrap the government or the whole bureau sent, not according to the law on the given criminal punishment. Is known, the then & other; Yang Naiwu pakchoi errors & throughout; Yang Naiwu in prison, has also been sent to & other; RTL & throughout; pass

1. Moved by, a vision of the flowers of charity bear fruit

& other; Moved by good & throughout; The & other; Move the good & throughout; That & other; The wicked & throughout; Locked up, after a labor camp, enlightenment for & other; Good & throughout; . Five years guangxu (1879), hangzhou city & other; Moved by good & throughout; , the late qing dynasty Ding Bing compilation of the leshan record with detailed records.

of emperor, hangzhou city economic damage, the unemployed. Also derived a lot of out on the streets during the day, therefore, blackmail, evening into residential ACTS of theft of the rogue, the people are. These rogue, after all, has not committed a felony, government can be repeatedly grasp and put, the rogue is repeatedly put recidivism.

these rogue & other; One day not correct cable theft, it is can’t live a day, the routing of themselves, without constant throughout industry &; . The official also feel & other; Throughout is hateful, poor & the situation; , therefore, to grasp the, again to grasp, hangzhou public security chaos is not effect a radical cure.

save good character without stain of the poor, but not a stain relief in fault, was the philanthropy has always been the belief. But five years guangxu, philanthropy in hangzhou several gentleman, but moved to official put forward for the first time to hold good application, claims & other; Every unemployed, blackmail gangsters, small TaoMo secretly made, by the government, county and baojia service on Ming and no heavy affection, the move to send the good by collecting tube. For food and clothing, le rid of old habits. This is close to its qualitative and learning skills. Advise frequently punish idler, mian to rehabilitation & throughout; .

the then governor MeiQi according to approved this application. Subsequently, hangzhou centenarians mill lane habitat flow within the site to hang & other; Moved by good & throughout; Signs, and act according to the prescribed rules:

in moving around by heightening the fence, with wide size, severe type cell, prisoners held separately according to the case in weight or prison. Only the most wide number of prisoners have been released on bail. The prisoner into by scrap the government or the whole bureau. Because the remand prisoners by the National People’s Congress more opium for compulsory drug addiction rehabilitation, and smoking cessation pill by moving the good.

the prisoner to rice twice a day, and forced labor, and other Qiao draw fan; Comparing to paste the ghost foreign and fulfillment of woven grass, straw rope. QinZhe allowed him with bao, idle person wei to Xia Chu & throughout; . On the first and fifteenth, prisoners must also learn the word wide training “, “criminal law” and so on.

the prisoner labor, payment of wages, of which 30% for prison, 70% by moving the good care, stay out of jail were given. Annual costs by moving good by hangzhou with good hall director of planning. Imprisoned by the prisoner, if you have friends and relatives for bail, approved by the government and the whole bureau respectively. Head moving good (director), the members of the alternate officials appointed by the official.

have moved by, government can be sent before the rogue repeatedly grasp and make to & other; RTL & throughout; , hangzhou public security improved. Guangxu six years (1880 years) the 21st day of the “declaration” reported that zhejiang province & other; Small I suffer from sleep less, that is, the case of market fierce ou him scold also rare & throughout; .

nine years guangxu (1883) on June 23, the governor of zhejiang Liu Bingzhang was designed in the throne to the queen mother and emperor guangxu, recommend moving the good place, I hope the court can give & other; Put on record to hang down permanent & throughout; .

2. After prison, to Yang Naiwu & other; Reeducation through labor & throughout;

the qing dynasty, one of the four big mystery & other; Yang Naiwu pakchoi errors & throughout; , has long been a household name. Yang Naiwu has a pen in yuhang, hangzhou, the capital, such as government prison, after the grievance to rehabilitate, out of the prison. But he was later moved YaRu & other good; RTL & throughout; The little-known.

in 1964, the daughter of Yang Naiwu 杨濬 oral historical materials, there is no mention of her father was & other RTL & throughout; . Just say, unjust verdict after rehabilitate, & other; My father old money home, kind of mulberry sericulture for a living. My generation sericulture, for breeding product has certain experience. My father in the family on the basis of careful study, improvement of silkworm eggs. Throughout the &;

the author refer to newspapers in late qing dynasty, found that on May 25, 1897, the “declaration” has such a story:

& other; Zhejiang yuhang county has a leather juren Yang Naiwu, plain pettifoggery. Emperor for ge Pythagorean seeks the dead husband GePin even a case involved and Yang, a few capital punishment. Control by his wife, the second Beijing, to review, punishments only rehabilitate, only to do bad, leather to fame, deportation back to. So far more than 20 years. Fashion in the early know lie low, nearly GuZhi to, or help to subvert. Hangzhou Lin Dichen satrap’s visit to the suit mongers, headed by Yang, by the province. Removed after the trial, that is, send good custody, as a thin stick. Throughout the &;

Lin Dichen, namely Lin Qi, hangzhou in the late qing dynasty. “The draft history of qing,” also mentioned Lin Qi capture Yang Naiwu, but he didn’t mention what moved into good. While Yang Naiwu & other; To subvert carry help & throughout; Engages in a lawsuit, gang, in written form paper ‘is not breaking the law. But suit mongers tend to work against the rulers, upsetting officials. No moving good, officials also rare law against suit mongers, had moved to the good place, it can be difficult to get suit mongers send & all other RTL & throughout; .

by moving YaRu good Yang Naiwu wife learned that her husband, after rescue once again. Zhejiang’s then learn zheng (the equivalent of today’s director of provincial education department) Xu Ji and, was in 1873 (j unitary), after having obtained the metropolitan examinations in zhejiang & other; A teacher & throughout; And Yang Naiwu is, after having obtained approval in the metropolitan examinations in this year, so the nominal with Xu Ji and the relationship between teachers and students.

Yang Naiwu wife will submit Xu Ji and appeal for revision. Xu Ji and with no love for Yang Naiwu, don’t give a helping hand, not only have to appeal for revision made & other; Batch of investing & throughout; . Unable to rescue, Yang Naiwu accepted move can only be imprisoned in good & other RTL & throughout; .

3. Yang Naiwu release, move the good by two critical prison

so, what on earth are Yang Naiwu move good by & other; RTL & throughout; A few years? There is no clear “shenbao” report, the author can only be based on other literature for some speculation.

according to the articles of association of moving good prisoners released, must have two conditions: one is because of good performance has been transferred to the widest cell, 2 it is to have the applicant as its guarantee. Otherwise, even if & other; RTL & throughout; Expires, also cannot release.

on March 2, 1900 reported, “shenbao” qiantang county officers yan an was & other; Fish village & throughout; By moving YaRu good & other; RTL & throughout; For three years. Because of poor performance, failed to turn to the widest cell number. Official does not release, after the expiration of the time also made through 7 years again decision.

the applicant to guarantee the prisoner out of jail after no longer get in, once again, the applicant should sit down. So, it is generally do not want to do the applicant. Thus, held in moving good inside most of the prisoners, especially in other place to get the prisoners in hangzhou, is hard to get out of the cell. In the long run, is necessarily a problem.

according to the “declaration” report, April 22, 1900 (guangxu dynasty of 26 March 23), hangzhou move good width size by the cell prisoners Mao Jinkui, xu, and set fire to cell, while disorderly escape. The wide size cell escaped prisoner 56, yan name escaped prison five, there are 24 inmates no escape.

after the event, the official on the one hand will recapture beheaded Mao Jinkui, xu, and prisoners; On the other hand have not fled to 23 of 24 people give release, only yuantong temple abbot monk refers to repair have been transferred into wide size cells continue to detention.

on May 5, 1902 (guangxu 28 March 28) night four drum, hangzhou move good suddenly and violently prison again. Yan fonts cell mobsters Wang Zhilin, gu down, Chen, et al., the chain break, killed one guard and destroyed the door to escape. Due to the critical prison lessons, for the first time the rulers has been moved down near the camp. Rushed to the officers and soldiers killed on the spot prison inmates 1, captured 17, only two committed to escape. After the event, o o Wang Zhilin, gu down, Chen three people is pulled to the west, beheaded outside the door.

decyl bases in late qing dynasty imperial examination people Zhong Yulong written “said hangzhou”, for the two critical prison is also recorded, and said: & other; At the time, Yang Naiwu also in prison, but not with also. Throughout the &; The author speculates that Zhong Yulong said Yang Naiwu was not involved in violence of prison, should be the first time critical. Reported according to “declaration”, 24 people besides yuantong temple monks refers to fix no release, the rest are all released.

so true, Yang Naiwu within moved by good & other; RTL & throughout; Fixed number of year is about 3 years, that is, in May 1897 to April 22, 1900 in the future days.

hangzhou moved by, determined for object for & other; Hobo, blackmail gangsters, small TaoMo secretly & throughout; Such as light. But it is not a formal prison, don’t have to act in accordance with the law, it is for casual, local officials imprisoned man provides a place for a long time. & other; Move the good & throughout; Function, hence a misfit. IfengLogo (xue-qin zhang)