The qing dynasty when China has & quot; The world’s richest man & quot; ? Par HaoShang howqua gates

recently, hurun rich list published drew many discussions. In fact, as early as the qing dynasty, guangzhou will produce a & other; Throughout the world’s richest man &; And he called howqua.

when a qing dynasty had lived in guangzhou 13 line for more than 20 years of the American businessman hunt, in the guangzhou’s ghost recorded “in the book said: & other; WuHao officer (howqua) how much money, is often the topic of debate. Throughout the &; & other; In 1834, the gallant officer of his estate, houses, shops, Banks and shipped goods estimate property, such as Britain and America, and a total of about 26 million yuan. Throughout the &; And during this period the United States, but also the richest man in the assets 7 million yuan. American scholar said that and other At the time, the assets of the wu is a wealth of the world’s largest commercial & throughout; . In the eyes of westerners, the wu merchants is the world’s richest tycoon. In 2001, howqua and Rockefeller, bill & middot; Gates and genghis khan,, and other people together, on the Wall Street journal Asia named by the United States in one thousand the world’s richest 50 people.

always scorn, suppression of the qing dynasty was a bit & other; Throughout the world’s richest man &; Wu, the rich man is a what kind of person?

in the late 17th century, guangzhou became a veritable & other; Gold port & throughout; . Relying on the golden port, holding a government grant the monopoly of the foreign trade rights, combined with their own efforts, guangzhou 13 line merchants group rapid rise, and huaibei salt merchants, jin shan businessmen together, later generations called China’s three big businessman group in the qing dynasty.

howqua is this & other; With money & throughout; One of the 13 lines of businessman. In 1801, he inherited from his father jardine matheson of the 13 lines, began more than 40 years of foreign trade agency. Howqua took to line 13 stage, the leader of the hong merchants, is Pan Zhencheng starting with discussing the. Howqua line not only let the jardine, replaced by as the total of the hong merchants, more let wu family asset to the thirteenth line of the peak, it has its unique feature.

for qing hong merchants engaged in foreign trade agency business, all trade opportunities depended on foreign traders, here is full of competition in the industry. Howqua do, first is & other; Conquer & throughout; The foreign traders.

at the time, the hong merchants and foreign trade, though large, but the trade business all by oral agreement, from without a written contract. In 1805, foreign firms to guangzhou in accordance with the contract of a batch of cotton, found that after the goods arrived in Hong Kong is the old stock, will not touch the hong merchants, yet howqua bought this batch of cotton, also lost 10000 yuan. He was so think & other; Innate personality humble obedient & throughout; , and to ascertain his habit of thinking in the face of foreign traders & other Timid, cowardly incompetence & throughout; , but in fact, howqua but with this wide knot good causes and conditions, and many foreign traders set up private friendship & ndash; & ndash; This kind of trust in the trade activities of no contract basis function is particularly critical. In the eyes of westerners, howqua & other; Honest, kind, attentive, generous & throughout; . A owe the howqua 72000 silver Boston businessman, because of mismanagement insolvent, away from home for many years not to return home, howqua tear the ious, let him safely home.

actually, howqua bandar is in operation. Recorded that he from stored in British businesses, more than ten thousand yuan to calculate the interest in the promissory note, and British traders to honour not difference exists, the number of the foreign is very surprised at that time & ndash; & ndash; This is also the important foundation of mutual trust. Foreign children are smart and generous howqua as the most reliable trading partners, although the wu family jardine line charge is higher, but still happy to deal with him. In some foreign journal, notes, howqua is an unsmiling man. Don’t understand humor does not matter, howqua in foreigners’ eyes still full of personality, & other; In the aspect of honesty and fraternity enjoys a blameless reputation & throughout; , was seen as a very reliable business partner.

howqua after have enough money, very the attention we involve other merchants. In 1811, howqua camlet to serve at the British company sales agent, he will profit in proportion to all the hong merchants. Later an old seaman Liu Dezhang for sin against British companies lost trade share, howqua brokered, restored his share of the company. Another poor Li Guang standpoints of the hong merchants business bankruptcy, according to the provisions of the court to be banishment ili, wu family raise money donated his life in exile. From 1811 to 1811, to the verge of bankruptcy howqua peddlery creditors amounted to more than 200 silver, make the most money weak seaman had to cling to him. Howqua is so gentle and stern, in the foreign firm until 13 line, he served as leader of the hong merchants, namely, line 13 and line total dealer. (according to “the legacy”)