The queen mother and I became experts: the dowager not Aaron love “no possible”

netizen heat the queen mother and I nominate wong kar-wai, ang lee and zhang yimou to screen

real or fake? The romance of

who is familiar with the illustrate, to Pakistan but think (and translated into Bai Kehao) won’t feel strange, he published in 1910 under the rule of China after the western Pacific, is the world’s first book on the empress dowager cixi’s biography. Today, is anyone the truth of it.

a foreigner, why to the empress dowager cixi so understand? A lot of secrets in the book, how did he know?

earlier this year, however, died the previous year (1943 years) to complete the memoirs of the queen mother with my Chinese version published manuscript, content is a thriller: not only revealed between he and she love, and there are a lot of detail.

for this stunning piece, a silent, but echo is unusually hot. On tianya BBS platforms, such as online discussion, think that should give the book to the screen, and the film’s protagonist, director candidate voted, on the director list, wong kar-wai, ang lee and zhang yimou among the top three, and Christian & middot; Bell and faye wong, becomes the best actor list.

a lot of netizens think, if it’s true, serve as a good copy, blockbuster after missed the “the last emperor” and other subjects, Chinese film should not to miss this chance.

however, but think of the story is true or false? She had not really and a foreigner Aaron? To this end, the Beijing morning post special night illustrate experts Mr Jia deep reading for the readers, the he interviewed the last emperor around more than 300 people, mastered a lot of firsthand material, and the collection but think nearly a century ago the publication of the original English versions. The book, he argues, & other; Details & throughout; Although have much fiction, exaggerated, but specific to the empress dowager cixi and but think of love, is not impossible.

, but thought he

about, however, is domestic first published book “the empress dowager cixi gaiden” (formerly known as “under the rule of China after the western Pacific”), is the translation of English version of the original book according to my collection. The book was in London, 18 months reprint the eight times, and on the New York times bestseller list.

but thought was born in a financial family, is said to be suffering from mental depression for a long time, he is proficient in mandarin and other languages, in early 1898, when he was 25 years old, to avoid debt and gay confusion, from dropping out of school at Oxford University, to China to travel alone. During my stay in Beijing, he met The Times reporter John otway Percy bland in Shanghai, John otway Percy bland helped, perhaps by John otway Percy bland, but thought made a number of political figures.

look from the empress dowager cixi gaiden, first of all, he has a lot of knowledge in the court, and second, he knew some senior figures in the late qing dynasty.

in his writings, but also have & other Account & throughout; Place, such as his custom, etiquette in the palace is not quite understand, but there is no doubt that he must went to court, and are familiar with the inside of the case.

, but think to Oxford University has tens of thousands of Chinese ancient books and manuscripts, hoping for a professor title, but not to be, in his later years he lived in the suburbs of Beijing for a long time, until death.