The republic of China being a prostitute marriage proposal: don’t put the flowers base, please your gracious presence (FIG.)

women's ads

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& have spent being prostitutes ads

on February 19, 1922, Shanghai republic daily papers, pit classifiers prostitutes having “the prostitutes mention a name in the practice of snowflakes in Hong Kong, in 21, prompting a, apart from the fireworks career and living being will, special advertising is as follows:

since the spring quality, less fall fireworks. Catkin ping light, long waves.

the vast hated the sea, who is the companion? Dark, dark day, not every outlaw hero. Evil reason is full, debt rewelding as compensation.

but not meet bosom friend, difficult to play asks the chicken. Because each read faded and fallen, with holding the end of the world cultural of sadness.

it is little, wedded to yi xie. Jas not to newspapers and choosing, the confession to burn.

sleep pretty yan shame, unavoidably scholars scorn; Alternative thin east huang force. Hate becomes bad.

chapter away, most of the character by their journeys; Be tender toward pretty girls, anyhow rare flowers.

let mood of a mill, hate to pay rewelding?

if the amorous of a gentleman such as sima, little sister has a gentleman’s eye, do not abandon the flowers base, please speed your gracious presence.

was called, is qualified with 22 to 43 years old, is worth (freedom) two hundred and twenty yuan, the condition of order.

(big cities by stable prices in the 1920 s, a round silver dollar conversion into today’s purchasing power, about 90-110 yuan between. At that time, ordinary workers generally for 15 ~ 20 yuan a month, intern temporary 10 yuan, monthly income of more than 50 yuan, it has reached the well-off level, 100 yuan of above, then into the middle class. Like 20 s Chen duxiu north section chief, a monthly salary of 400 silver dollar, the actual purchasing power equivalent to 40000 yuan today, assistant President of Peking University library, and monthly wages only 8 round, is the appearance of 7, 800, and people so can only share dormintory, large was sleeping.