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one poetry read four years

Jiang Xi zhang, word for canal, 33 years in the qing dynasty on the second day (February 14, 1907 AD) was born in shandong jinan zhuang original Dong Gu zhenjiang over county home. Jiang Xi father Zhong Xiu jiang, zhang was a school teacher, mother Wang Chongmeng went to school, then attended shandong provincial women’s normal school. In the cultural atmosphere of family environment, parents’ to enrich your knowledge and cultivating children conscious and make Jiang Xi zhang with a good enlightenment education, early on a path to success. Jiang Xi zhang gang a year old, the mother began to teach him to read, to 3 years old already know more than 800 words; Parents teach him more than 1, 100 tang poems, Jiang Xi can recite. The age of four, Jiang Xi learn to writing poetry. Childhood Jiang Xi zhang is reading the classics of Confucian classics.

in the qing dynasty xuantong two years (AD 1910), Jiang Xi 3 years old. A, Jiang Xi zhang about small wooden bench to play, suddenly overturned stool. Mother saw him kneeling, one leg, said a sentence: & other; Do you have in this & lsquo; Kneeling, a fairy & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Jiang Xi Zhang Chaotian smiled and said: & other; I this is & lsquo; With great sage & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Mother heard the children deeply, have excellent talents can not help but think of the future education child’s responsibility, and her husband together from various care Jiang Xi zhang’s growth. Since then, jiang Zhong Xiu often lead Jiang Xi selves, as far as possible let him contact new things, growth stories.

almost as xuantong presence

qing xuantong three years (AD 1911), jiang Zhong Xiu with 4 Jiang Xi zhang baotu spring – the Banks of poems, beside an old officials in fishing. The man turned pleasure, give Jiang Xi zhang out of the top allied: & other; Fishing & throughout; , Jiang Xi calmly answer a: zhang & other; Hawk & throughout; . Old man let Jiang Xi zhang to sentence. At this moment, spa pools with leaf drifting, Jiang Xi caught a glimpse of the leaves with ant, he walked up the leaves, said a sentence & other; Save ant & throughout; . Old man listened to be pleasantly surprised, pointing to the Jiang Xi zhang said: & other; In the future will be in the champions. Throughout the &;

on the same day, the old man found talent rong-chang Chen shandong to learn about it. Rong-chang Chen find Jiang Xi zhang the next day, when asked about individual volunteer Jiang Xi zhang replied, & other; Set the heart for heaven and earth, to the o life, for wan shikai, is peaceful. Throughout the &; Rong-chang Chen recognized Jiang Xi zhang is a wonder, and immediately report to the shandong governor Sun Baoqi. Sun Baoqi summoned Jiang Xi zhang, a few problem including arithmetic, Jiang Xi zhang all replies.

which is a top allied: & other; Five great emperor observe & throughout; ; Zhang GongGongZhengZheng Jiang Xi to bottom allied: & other; Keep righteousness life wisdom. Throughout the &; Sun Baoqi bother to praise: & other; A child prodigy, is really a child prodigy! Throughout the &;

at the time, the so-called & other; The little emperor & throughout; The qing imperial house & middot; , has been studying alone after 3 years old he began to reign, according to the royal rules should be some reason. Sun Baoqi submitted to the court, recommend Jiang Xi zhang entered the palace to fill the lack. Jiang Xi zhang were ordered into the interview result is very good, the regent Wang Zai Jiang Xi being approved as emperor presence. As the national revolution, in the late qing dynasty crumbling, officials really helping Jiang Xi reason, zhang Jiang Xi zhang this task.