The royal descendants revealed puyi & quot; Two sides & quot; Experts said it was in late qing dynasty & quot; Frightened to death & quot;

Beijing, Beijing on September 27 (reporter Zhang Zhongjiang) the last emperor is how dead? Famous documentary literature writer in late qing dynasty who believed that he was killed by two things & other; Frightened to death & throughout; . Once have been in contact with pu yi qing royal descendants recalls, haven’t seen life lose his temper, pu yi, he is a man of character has two sides.

written by jia “the last emperor of the very life” and “the last emperor sister Yun He”, “the last imperial uncle tao”, “the last of the prince’s maternal uncle embellish jiaqi” and so on four & other; Throughout the last royal &; Next, by the people’s literature publishing house published recently. 27, this series of book conference held in Beijing residence of soong ching ling.

& other; Set herself & throughout; Memories, pu yi: he loves to play with children lack of life common sense

the day’s new book conference was held at the residence of soong ching ling don’t have. This is the family home, a former university of pearl palace garden, for his father after alcohol pro Wang Yi e ? ? 1/2 level palace garden, then became the last emperor pu yi’s father, prince of alcohol being palace Pu yi was born in the yard.

is full & other Set herself & throughout; To the origin of the legend, necessarily talks last emperor pu yi. & other; Throughout the last of the prince’s maternal uncle &; Guo brokaw? Embellish jiaqi Guo Manre recalls that day, the daughter of pu yi is their big jiu. He often went to his home to play. The last time to was at the beginning of the cultural revolution, when he said it himself & other; Throughout the cultural revolution, iconoclastic &; . Then he is ill in hospital, Guo Manre with mother to see, see big jiu with things like ear plugs in bed. This is pu yi last impression left her.

the last emperor sister Yun He’s daughter, a famous painter Zheng Shuang said you contact with pu yi is still a child. Visit him at the time a child is not much, he likes to play with the children. In Zheng Shuang memory, didn’t see “lose his temper, pu yi. But there are some books in her view, describing his violent behavior, should also is not false, after all, he was the sort of identity and status.

Zheng Shuang said pu yi was pardoned after coming out, has not seen him lose his temper. When he and Annie lee (puyi, the last wife) before marriage, a time to play, and Zheng Shuang brother in bed roll, & other; Completely like a child & throughout; .

in Zheng Shuang view, puyi in character has two sides.

in many words about puyi, some describe him as & other; A fool & throughout; As the life cannot provide for oneself. Zheng Shuang that gave his opinion at this point.

she said, puyi raised in the palace life, clothing to hand foot, don’t like children in ordinary families will contact a lot of things in life. He didn’t read into the kitchen, I do not know how dish. He was pardoned out took trams, thought it would be polite to let a woman on the first, and let the conductor to get on the car first. The conductor thought he didn’t, traction drive away when he silly. A similar thing a lot. He doesn’t need to spend money before, so not sure money what is going on. Once he went to the store to buy things, get the money later don’t know which one to the salesman. Then money fell to the ground, someone ask who, he thought it was someone else’s. This is because he didn’t have experienced, so don’t understand.

& other; I think when the emperor is also very miserably, completely isolated with society and with people. Throughout the &; Zheng Shuang said.

experts said pu yi was & other; Frightened to death & throughout;

pu yi is a how of person? Kindness or cruelty? In the late qing dynasty expert jia, he is a complex historical figure, not so simple.

when it comes to the last emperor finally died, who thought he was & other; Frightened to death & throughout; . During the cultural revolution, young bo sun sheng a letter, scared him hospitalized. The other one is & other; Imperial concubine & throughout; Miss li (pu yi’s fourth wife) to come to Beijing. This two things cause shock of pu yi, cancer has spread.

jia said, interviewed more than three hundred people, most of people think that pu yi is very stupid. But there is a British critics, puyi several times & other; Coming back to life & throughout; And this in itself is a miracle. Throughout history, pu yi is a tragic character.