The scientists said the latest research there can be no pure friendship between men and women

there are pure friendship between men and women? This is one of the highest heat through the ages to discuss problems. Unfortunately, however, although many late night radio show emotion experts give up valuable sleep time, for the listener to disabuse patiently and in detail, but the answer to this question is still up in the air.

according to the famous American science scientific American magazine reported on October 23, has some scientists will its & other Throughout the matter &; The scientific spirit of expand into the emotional field, trying to use the scientific research and analysis methods to solve these potential problems, the study pointed out that between men and women & other; Pure friendship & throughout; Just a lie.

in order to understand the general public for the opposite sex friendship real idea, the research team at the university of Wisconsin randomly 88 young heterosexual friends, please fill out a questionnaire answered their questions about friendship. Each pair of friends in the trials were asked not to fill in the questionnaire, and sign a written agreement, to ensure not to talk about any questions about the experiment with the other. Whether single or not, according to the results of men, all hoped oneself is attractive for a girl, and if given the chance, men hope to on a date with opposite sex friend alone.

even more interesting, for men, regardless of whether or not single female friends, are very attractive; They also often wishful thinking to believe that a female friend to oneself, even if they themselves may not have noticed. In contrast, most women think friendship between male friends and focuses on the communication of mind, only when their love life is on the rock, just eager to get more comfort from male friends.

the team for 140 middle-aged men and women the same experiment. They found that for middle-aged women, the attraction of the opposite sex friend has greatly reduced, unless they are single; However, for middle-aged men, women friends or have a certain appeal.

however, all people to participate in the questionnaire, said from the opposite sex friends, they often can get good advice, also often get incentives.

& other; So, save there is no pure friendship between men and women? If we all and women hold the same idea, the answer is yes; And if we all agree with men, so most countries in the world will face population crisis, & throughout; Scientific American magazine editor adriano, writes Mr Anwar DE in the end the article & other; In other words, is there can be no pure friendship between men and women. Throughout the &;