The shenyang imperial palace wall crack after the earthquake response: deliberately left when the design (FIG.)

the palace wall crack is visible (image: shenyang evening news)

& other; The earthquake sent the shatter the exterior wall of shenyang? How do I see the north gate of the imperial palace is much a crack on the wall? Throughout the &; Early in the morning, work in a nearby liu to see this one & other; Stunning & throughout; Cracks, immediately thought of 23 of the earthquake, so called the shenyang evening news hotline to ask. The Forbidden City wall was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake crack? Shenyang evening news reporter on this matter.

question: the wall of the Forbidden City earthquake cracked?

Mr Liu in the pages of a unit of work, the Forbidden City Beijing the wall is the path of the his path to commute every day. & other; Before every day to see the imperial palace of the big red walls, the impression is intact, May 25, early in the morning, I suddenly found that the wall is much more a nearly 2 meters long crack, peeling, can see the inside of the cement! Throughout the &; Mr. Liu immediately associate it with the earthquake of 23. & other; The palace walls should be the first time after the renovation earthquake, it’s not the cracks of earthquake, is it? Throughout the &;

25 in the afternoon, the reporter went to the shenyang imperial palace outside the north wall, see a wound its way to the east side of the north wall is about 2 meters long crack, crack on the edge of the red walls have some fall off, showing the wall gray, cracks at its widest point enough into a finger. Cracks have a layer of dust, with the hand touch is not like a new breach.

then, the reporter walked a circle around the palace wall, seen in the entire outside wall all around the cracks of different sizes, have a plenty of vertical split, others are irregular ruptures. See the reporter studied the wall cracks, a big ye come together, & other; The cracks began a long time ago, should be with the earthquake didn’t what relation! Throughout the &;