The snake is the old style of “it” as a totem convey auspicious calamity

solid brick of the eastern han dynasty, fuxi nuwa.

solid brick of the eastern han dynasty, fuxi nuwa.

of the han dynasty stone carving fuxi nuwa torque gauge chart.

han dynasty stone carving fuxi nuwa torque gauge chart.


 silk painting in tang dynasty, people first snake fuxi nuwa figure.

silk painting in tang dynasty, people first snake fuxi nuwa figure.

gentleman is auspicious, wild with hesitation

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solution & other; The snake & throughout;

& other; The snake & throughout; Is the old style & other; It & throughout; According to the, seal script & other; It & throughout; Of writing, then show the prototype for the snake, the above is not treasure LIDS, but rather a serpent’s head, the following & other; Bi & throughout; A hook is a snake body and tail, and the later calligrapher called beaten hook. Therefore, & other; It & throughout; Is & other; The snake & throughout; Also, from & other; Insect & throughout; The & other; The snake & throughout; Is the prominent characters. , “said the note Chinese characters” of the snake’s comments as: & other; It also. From insects and long, like discretion curved tail shape. Ancient grass, with it, so the phase q: & lsquo; Without it? & rsquo; Throughout the &;

conceptions of time, the snake tailing, is the enemy of human existence, & other; Without it? Throughout the &; & other; No it & throughout; , i.e., & other; No snakes & throughout; Is equal to meet modern colloquial English friends greetings & other; How are you & throughout; . Yin Wang Wuding s, tortoise shell, with & other; No it & throughout; Divination. “Were & middot; Ma Yuanchuan” has & other; See, you would like to ask throughout the spring without it ever &; The sentences, straight than & other; Years static good & throughout; Would like to. In that case, the ancients used & other; Without it? Throughout the &; To greet each other peace, honest.

cheung & other; The snake & throughout; Myth

the snake, in China are regarded as one of the most powerful totem pimitive era, and is considered to be the forerunner of the dragon. Mr Wen yiduo argues that dragon is the snake as the main body & other; Accepted the beast feet, horse hair, turned tail, deer horn, the dog’s claws, fish scales and must & throughout; .

“the book of songs & middot; hong yan of assorted & middot; do” that dream of snakes are born girl of good omen, & other; D d; the snakes, auspicious of women & throughout; . Nuwa and fuxi as the book of genesis in the old myths, the person first snake god image is more frequent, such as the chu ci & middot; jiu ge: & other; Nuwa functioning, what is the maker? Throughout the &; Wang Yi note: & other; Nuwa head snake. Throughout the &; The seas & middot; wild west longitude: & other; Ten people, god called nuwa bowel, into god & throughout; , Guo Puyun: & other; Sons of nuwa, ancient goddess and emperor, snake body, one day in seventy. Throughout the &; “The art type, volume 11: & other; Taihao emperor need xihe’s, and the wind surname also, snake people first & throughout; , & other Emperor nuwa’s, and also the wind surname also, sheng spring, snake people but also throughout the first &; , & other Or the second emperor of cloud, serpentine, deified, seventy He Dezhi spirit. Throughout the &;

we can in the tang dynasty li redundant YiZhi alone, see more complete fuxi nuwa myths of sister and brother: & other; Yesterday at the beginning of the universe open, nuwa only brother and sister in the kunlun mountains, and the world from the people. Discuss thought that husband and wife, and the shame, brother from kunlun mountains on his younger sister, zhou yue: & other; If a day sent my brother and sister two couples. And smoke about us, if not, make smoke scattered throughout the &; . So smoke namely close, his sister to brother, grass for fan is, the obstacle to its surface. Today people take woman of fan, as it is. Throughout the &;

& other creator; The snake & throughout;

in Chinese and western creation myth, & other; The snake & throughout; Play an important role, as I talked about, people first snake god fuxi and nuwa is the creation myth of the image. In the bible, eve by the lure of the snake eat the fruit can distinguish between good and evil, the wrath of god, were expelled from the garden of Eden. Later theologians hard parse, why god created the world of good, there will be a snake to cause human evil, and in accordance with the st & middot; Augustine’s explanation, is god to give a person with freedom, to choose good or evil, therefore, the snake is evil, but also brought the original freedom.

in & other; Throughout the century of human &; In Greek mythology, once such narrative way: black iron age of the quaternary was Zeus created race. At this time of men is full of evil, they worry, night and day can harm the wicked kind, led to the left hand holding the snake, the goddess of the right hand holding the torch passed away, to return to the eternal deities, gave humans can’t see the marginal of sorrow.

at the same time, as well as urban Khartoum, it is one and a half man half snake of the serpent. He and the goddess of the youngest child of dike and a half, gave birth to ear that water snake (hydra blame), the lion’s ink, Carlisle Myra (fire-breathing monster, head, sheep, mouse), the sphinx monsters (face and the body of beast) and so on. Although the snake brings the monster, but throughout human history, it is the existence of evil, promote human step by step to good, really meaningful.

god & other; The snake & throughout; Strange signs

the Chinese ancient myths and legends, one year grassland rat plague and threatening the life of people, snake bravely to eliminate the rat, and offer the bravery to heal a lot of diseases. God deeply grateful, the sixth animal sign given zodiac, and because of its body shaped like a dragon is regarded as & other; Little dragon & throughout; .

as the ancients totem snakes, very early has been incorporated into the FuRui system, with its appearance, express the auspicious calamity to the world, and this auspicious, performance on a hall with high ceiling at the beginning, for example, is as follows:

“zuo & middot; ZhuangGong yue: at the beginning of the snake and snake bucket in Zheng Na door, the snake to death. LiGong in six years.

hanshu yue: high-impedance to TingChang ACTS mount li, nocturnal, by the abundant west, with the serpent power, of the sword cut, carries out. Later generations to, see a woman cry snakes, yue: & other; This filled the son, to the red emperor son and kill it. Throughout the &; Ao suddenly gone.

in the first article of the snake has signalled a major political events. After a while is parent of commonly used prophetic-mixed bid Kings, although is only the emperor gaozu invented, to deify their lines, but also visible snake close ties with the earthly myths.

in the taiping guang ji “, otherwise a & other; See the snake auspicious & throughout; Story:

Zhang Chengzhi mother Sun Shihuai bearing, take a canoe tour in pu, saw a white snake three zhangs, longer into the boat. Mother wish yue: & other; Jun is auspicious, not poisonous bite me. Throughout the &; Will also is the suitcase, I leave the room. Night, no longer see a snake, jie and cherish it. Neighbor phase day; & other; Yesterday he saw Zhang Guyou crane, the lingyun. Throughout the &; To tell mother, make the divinatory.; ABU man yue: & other; The lucky also. Snake cranes live thing in the world, from the room into the clouds, inferiority as also rise. Yesterday the prince he lu was buried his sister, was born with beauty, a sword, poor rich of jiangnan. Not seventeen years, carved cloud cover Yu Xigu, beauty on the street, he-xiang bai Yu Linzhong, white area in the mountain side, all is the spirit of yesterday. Today, when the sons of a super minister, MingJiang table. If a son, and can be extended. Throughout the &; And ChengSheng, crane, ChengSheng zhao, places to hang down phase. Is complementary general wu. More than ninety, the snake crane cheung also.