The song dynasty “secretary” accept “RunBi money” officials don’t have to pay by the emperor

the song dynasty emperor secretarial staff, including translation student, know the book shed and ZhiGao, etc. The secretary to the people in the team, it is the emperor qian selected through, and all production, educated. However, secretaries, although by intellect and, given the low level of wages, treatment is not good enough, the emperor was wondering what to think of a way to make up for it, so they can focus on their work.

charge RunBi money form system

shen kua “MengXi stature” records: & other; Inside and outside all grass system in addition to the officer, self suggestion, DaiZhi above, there is RunBi. Whenever the emperor taizong RunBi amount, drop a letter to the burring on Mr. Scheeren. Throughout the &; Secretarial staff points & other; Inside and outside two systems & throughout; , the academician bachelor said & other; Integrity & throughout; , in the book shed and ZhiGao said & other; Outside the system & throughout; . Secretary drafted officials appointed to file for the emperor, who promoted to a nominee to remonstrate, DaiZhi officer or more, to give them tao RunBi fees, or money or things, meaning. Mean after all, however, is mean, standard unknown, amount, resembling a & other Have a windfall & throughout; , didn’t rise to the system level. So, after the succession to the secretary of thought, the anxious secretary of urgent, write secretary RunBi money into the red tape, fixed in the form of system, provides the specific amount, also carved stone stand in the court scheeren, become a long-term mechanism. The importance of leadership to improve the treatment of secretary.

adjustment of a number of cadres, the emperor appointed secretary calmly finished drafting file, glance at Mr. Scheeren courtyard of stone tablets, knew what made today. The secretary for this have a salary, be windfalls, equivalent to the emperor gave them a short cut to get rich. And is not afraid of you default, & other; Every officer, move du throughout the &; On the way, are you still in office, chasing money file by following. & other; To be rich, dynamic cadres & throughout; Now, even the drafting & other; Move the cadre & throughout; The file work has become a plum assignment to aspire to.

for secretary, so a steady stream of business, whether to take turns, the benefits? Also is not. The emperor is the emperor’s standard, officials have their preference, file well, up and down all pleased, large volume, make more naturally. The secretary of the emperor song zhenzong Yang Yi talent cultivating, file well, & other; At that time, ZhiGao, less than of it & throughout; , other secretary did not better than, emperor song zhenzong backpack. Not only the emperor song zhenzong arrange more business, and some officials in order to make their name will appear in Yang Yi drafting documents, even wait for Yang Yi apply only when on duty, & other; In the past, who are in addition to the life, let out of their hands, its application as straight, namely beg to surrender throughout life &; (wu had the recoil can change lent,). Emperor KouZhun was promoted to prime minister, for example, is Yang Yi drafting documents, including & other; Can break event, informal section. Has the unit of lieutenant, not showing. Pregnant according to content of Ming, and can be summed up & throughout; A few words, let KouZhun abnormal happy, amazing & other; Right in my chest & throughout; . To this end, KouZhun in addition to pay the prescribed RunBi money, also & other; Exception: don’t give platinum secrete & throughout; And gave Yang Yi small extra money.

add new official economic burden

the RunBi money policy, indeed let drink at ordinary times the secretaries of the taste of the northwest, the article is to write better, pay more and more high, like a Yang Yi closed KouZhun & other; Platinum secrete & throughout; Almost overnight. However, the emperor to the policy of good is good, but he only gave policy does not pay, RunBi money be promoted by the file of the officials, no doubt increased the economic burden of officials. This means that they haven’t paid, will pay a hefty & other Money to buy officer & throughout; . Wealth KouZhun had held for many years, after all, rich can easily pay more. For many of the poor, savings little officials, will push them to the poorer. Secretary have higher income, but they murdered miserable, poor results not express way, debt, is bribery bribes, has been reached. The emperor, officials pay the leadership. Here are some opinions. Therefore, the policy encounter many conflicts in the process of execution, it is increasingly difficult.

ouyang xiu in the “returned record” said: & other; Close scheeren hospital grass, have sent RunBi content later, will send the yard notions of door rush, when anything tend not to send. Author has long and blue sky.another 1 line, anything is not also to blame. Throughout the &; Secretaries took up the brush is excited, officials received file is nerve-racking, promoted default, secretaries punish RunBi money phenomenon common occurance, antagonism is becoming more and more serious. Candidates.if your (1078 & ndash; 1085), song god felt difficult to execute the system further, he cancelled the charge RunBi money rules, & other; Candidates.if your, change the system, system is added to the inside and outside, “RunBi thing & throughout; (” MengXi stature “).

officials pay become emperor pay

although RunBi money disappeared in the red tape, but the secretary of the treatment can’t cut ah, that both affect the level of the article, and affect the enthusiasm of work. The song god is to give the secretary a raise, & other; The internal and external system is added to & throughout; , officials pay pay for emperor, solved the conflict. This shows that the policy can be cancelled, the leadership concern for secretary will never be cancelled. Later dynasties, secretaries of the draft document, still can get some reward. Even now some authority, has a similar unwritten rules, such as writing reports for the leadership, can timely to send some subsidies; To lead published a signed article, also can give some reward. And, of course, these are small, is only the leadership of the secretary of small mercies, readmitted on is not enough. For those really plays an important role in leading the in the mind’s secretary, leadership entrusts with an important task, will often let them swiftly, make. Just, secretaries don’t learn the so-called hebei first first secretary lee jin & ndash; & ndash; Heart is too big, the desire is too strong, it can’t come out & other Rose, greed, clearance & throughout; The cycle, the use of future and life in the last of the mortgage. (word/YanJianHuai)