The tang dynasty legal discrimination “er nai” : concubine is base flow The centralizer will be sentenced

on the issue of the song dynasty women’s status, I wrote a few articles, a friend asked me, the song dynasty, compared with the tang dynasty, exactly which dynasty women a bit happier?

to start with, the song dynasty and the tang dynasty, compared to the big difference is that: it’s no longer a aristocratic society, but an unprecedented civil society. For example, the prime minister of song dynasty can completely and ordinary citizens to take a bath in the same ZaoTangZi, in the tang dynasty, hey hey, don’t even like to think about it.

an important characteristic of civil society is the government’s intervention and control of folk. And in the aristocratic society, such as the han dynasty, a few people together to drink is illegal, not a national holiday in eating meat is illegal. The tang dynasty, although a lot better but still can be found, from the tang government really tube too wide, and all the laws are basically tailor made to the peerage. Such as concubine status, the tang & other; Concubine is base flow & throughout; , & other; Woman as his wife concubine and guest, and a year and a half & throughout; . That is to say in the family, if will be my rose for his wife, the couple was sentenced to a year and a half. Completing a punishment is finished, and do not think that, the couple also forced to divorce. All in all, I was I, always a base flow, will always be an inferior person.

an inferior man is always a rabble, naturally, is always a gentleman gentleman, is always a noble aristocracy. In addition to this, this is & other; Racial discrimination & throughout; Means of legal provisions as well as the handmaiden & other; When the color to the spouse & throughout; . This is what mean? Is male and female slaves and only slave maid intermarriage, not only do you want a lifetime, even their own children and grandchildren to & other generations; Slave & throughout; Go on. On the contrary, in the song “the saint”, these laws are abandoned.

if this is not a most can reflect the direct evidence of the song dynasty women’s status improve, then we will talk about prostitutes, the fate of this special group.

in the tang dynasty, officials openly more sexual abuse, officer of prostitution, prostitution, particularly tragic fate, according to the law, and sometimes killed the chief campaign brothel is innocent. But just won’t work in the song dynasty, song dynasty Gong Mingzhi written in Wu Jiwen said: & other; Lotte (bai juyi) county, carrying capacity, full taste, cheung chi ten prostitutes, vigil huqiu temple, fu JiYouShi taste. To see the county government more free time, and collectors debate is very wide, in today’s (song dynasty), will smell to sin! Throughout the &; May see from this article, the fate of the prostitutes are completely different, and the former generation even prostitute, nor the officer can play casually.

a prostitute status improved and suffered discrimination is less, so to be able to attend many large social activities. “Dream liang record” said: & other; And through private prostitute mounts, and qian officer preach, lead to meet YanZi or reed flowers YanZi cane car, go to the bride’s side to meet new people. Face to the man of the house first, time is, le officer prostitutes, tea and alcohol and others read poetry, blocking the door for fortune qian hong. & hellip; & hellip; New party please get off, a prostitute toward the garage holds a mirror, and with several prostitutes of lotus candle will as your torch, with it lead to meet. Throughout the &; Visible folk marriage customs and rituals to prostitutes, please celebrate, this is completely unthinkable in the past.

now many people obsessed with tang, attacking the song dynasty is too weak, it is actually not understand history. Of datang fill is less than one hundred, the rest of the time, the central was completely buffer region play to play, during which people suffer, is literally endless. Tang favorite map territory questions, a true theory of actual control of territory, the tang dynasty is completely not to be compared and two song.

over the years, the song dynasty weak was too much emphasis on, and its strong always be ignored, this is really should not ah. Is actually a social strong or not often depends on the status of all social members are equal, and equality of all, the most basic is the equality between men and women. So in the song dynasty, can reflect this, most is the song dynasty people respect for mother. We might as well begin with the monarch, because in ancient times, the monarch’s actions, even the slightest change, also can have long and lasting impact on folk.

the song dynasty is one of the most in the history of the queen mother strings dynasty. After the northern song dynasty from true ZongLiu wiser to start, running after ren-zong cao, the cases of high, the god of backward, zhe ZongMeng after, and after the southern song dynasty has NingZongYang, Richard after xie, etc. In particular, after the cases of high during she ruled, through god, zhe zong dynasties, because of its huge contribution to the country, that is known as & other Female rao & throughout; . This but each generation she had never enjoyed before, even the self-reliance for emperor wu zetian, nor in history to win this evaluation.

all in all, the power of song dynasty is a tradition. Because there are so many women after government, song dynasty sympathy for women, understanding, understanding of female independent personality, the main value and humane care, almost become a widespread social ideological trend. We can renew the History As A Mirror ChangBian “about saint eight years (1030) article wu-cheng, after seeing the women are in efforts to protect women’s status: & other; Qi has more forgive the person badly beaten his wife to death. The queen mother nu yue: & lsquo; Couple’s body, having beaten to death? & rsquo; & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

as the monarch, the situation of the home of the literary intelligentsia was great but want to see. Like & other; The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside, son to raise and close not to stay & throughout; Such a sentence, and write out dead mother mourning and remembering, rare before song dynasty, and in the song dynasty is everywhere.

statue of the mother, of course, can be interpreted as the result of the further development in song dynasty, the feudal patriarchal, this development is obviously advantageous to the improvement of women’s status is. So mother right high does that mean can also is proportional to the corresponding to improve women’s rights? Under such a conclusion may be more risky. Personally, I think, the improvement of women’s status rely mainly on the improvement of her social status, and the improvement of social status and women often depends on disposition and control of family property, and to do that, women are bound to have their own independent career. On this point, I will talk about it in more detail later.

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