The United States a best-selling novel writers superstition divination was tricked into $20 million

Beijing, August 23, 63, the American novel writers Jude & middot; Frodo, for son died before & other; Nostradamus & throughout; For help and was tricked into $20 million.

Hong Kong media quoted the British “daily mail” reported that the United States, police said Florida 10 roma claims to soothsayers, they come from the same family, cheats out as much as $40 million in 20 years, was arrested last week. These and other God stick & throughout; Be misrepresented that the victim must forgo money and valuables, avoid evil spirits stalking. They will you keep money, essence they are your own. The police seized more than 400 ring is in their house, article 100 watches and only 100 precious necklace.

reported that one of the victims, it is a 63 – year – old writer, frodo. Over the years she had 37 this work in the United States the New York times bestseller list. Frodo’s eight-year-old son after traffic accident die, seek help from one of the defendants Max, the result was tricked into a $20 million (more than 100 million yuan). Frodo was lying no reply, but once on the dating site say & other; Throughout this life won’t forget &; Son of a car accident.