The United States to set up the first monument to the comfort women Japanese residents strongly opposed

People’s Daily on July 12 In the United States, South Korea “central daily” reported, glendale, California, the first overseas Japanese women monument an unveiling, local time on July 9 glendale, & other; Peaceful girl like & throughout; Hearing, living in the local Japanese residents expressed strong opposition. More than 80 local Japanese residents participated in the hearing, accounted for more than half of the total number of participants, and more than 40 people because there was no seat and failed to get in.

the central daily, said the meeting started, they were asked to speak, but the hearing of the discussion topic & ndash; & ndash; The design of the monument problem completely is not in the scope of their concern. From age more than 80 – year – old old man, in glendale home-grown second generation of Japanese people, and retired professors and famous architects have stood to the podium, loudly & other; The Japanese comfort women issue is purely fabricated history & throughout; , & other Glendale should exit interference in Japan and South Korea diplomatic problems & throughout; , & other Comfort women are prostitutes & throughout; Such as sharp comments. A man named Andy & middot; ROM the inhabitants of the base, time is more than 2 minutes, also called & other; Historical facts should be treated in strict textual research, and related information. Which city will commemorate prostitutes & throughout; . The same to the local Japanese women said & other; These prostitutes to make more money than Japanese officers throughout the &; , & other; The United States during the Korean war and had requisition of Korean comfort women & throughout; .

report said, to attend the meeting on the day of more than 20 local Korean residents friendly city of glendale alex & middot; Wu (Alex Woo) stressed that & other; Set up a monument, the purpose is not to punish the Japanese, but in order to achieve real peace and reconciliation, is a kind of convention & throughout; . Korean groups say, because the rattan before jiji news agency reporters in Los Angeles after the he in the local community news published a signed article in Japan called for a & other; Everybody together to overturn the comfort women statue & throughout; Protests, thus appeared the Japanese residents.

in March of this year, by setting up a peaceful girl like glendale city council. In Korean groups & other; California South Korea BBS & throughout; Under the leading of the south Korean people raised money for a total of $30000 to make girls like, July 30, will be held in glendale public library unveiling ceremony. IfengLogo (Liu Rong)